Together, we can build an inclusive future full of hope and opportunity.


Dear Friends,

What a year it has been: a pandemic; a severe economic downturn; widening political divides; and a long overdue racial reckoning.

It’s also been a moment of reflection for us as an organization—a mirror to our own failings and flaws. An awakening to the fact that we too have been complicit in the lack of urgency in addressing the pervasive effects of anti-Black racism. For all our success since our founding in 1985, not all aspects of our work have embodied our mission to honor and serve people and communities left out of the American dream due to systemic racism.

We’ve all seen the headlines: the average Black family has less than 15 percent of the wealth of white families and this gap has been persistent for generations. That our cities remain segregated; more so today than 40 years ago. And that the impact of race on outcome after outcome, from education to employment to health to justice, is undeniable.

This realization that we can and must do more has been the impetus for our own journey towards racial equity. Truly building more equitable communities requires disrupting and dismantling racist business practices and dialing up our commitment to repairing the communities our industry was born to serve.

To equip us as an organization and as individuals to do this work, we have begun the transformation at home. We look forward to bold new policies, practices and programs that ensure belonging and opportunity for all our current and future staff. As an historically white-led organization, it is also imperative that we expand our definition of racial equity to include more deference to thought leadership and lived experiences of the people and places we serve.

Through this difficult year we saw that systems meant to support Black and brown people are precarious, further increasing their vulnerability. Yet we have also borne witness to grace, perseverance, and courage from these same communities and partners.

We’ve seen powerful collaborations as organizations have come together to address the economic fallout from the pandemic. In Pennsylvania, 17 community development financial institutions partnered to deploy over $190 million to small businesses most effected by the shutdown.

We’ve seen determination as communities energized solutions to disinvestment. As you will read in this report, in Louisville, Kentucky, where residents of the Russell neighborhood and community leaders reimagined and rebuilt a once-vacant brownfield into a world-class facility for sports and wellness.

We’ve seen innovation as entrepreneurs are embracing social missions to strengthen local economies. As in the Women’s Home Preservation Fund in Baltimore, which is investing affordable housing and helping women achieve economic independence.

It is in these examples that we see a better path forward. As we all dream of “getting back to normal”, let us not forget the power of unity and the ills of division. The challenges we are facing as a nation are daunting. We know that together, we can build an inclusive future full of hope and opportunity.

Join us.

Don Hinkle-Brown

President and CEO

Mark Zandi

Chairman of the Board


Empowering Women through Investment

In West Baltimore, Maryland, Reinvestment Fund financing is helping a woman entrepreneur to revitalize a commercial corridor and create affordable housing that is accessible to single mothers and widows.


New Store Brings Food and Hope

In Marks, Mississippi, America’s Healthy Food Financing Initiative, administered by Reinvestment Fund, helps bring a new supermarket to an underserved rural county.


Investing in Small Businesses

As small businesses struggled to navigate the economic impact of pandemic-fueled closures, Reinvestment Fund committed to providing technical assistance around building sustainable businesses.


Building Wealth and Affordable Housing

Small, early-stage or start-up housing developers can have an outsized impact on stabilizing neighborhoods and driving growth. Learn how Reinvestment Fund is supporting these mighty but often undercapitalized entrepreneurs.


Nurturing Excellence and Resilience

A once vacant lot in Louisville’s West End is home to a new sports and learning facility. Driven by the community’s vision, the Norton Healthcare Sports & Learning Center is bringing visitors from far and wide.


Expanding a Nonprofit’s Cradle to College Programs

In rural Immokalee, Florida, Reinvestment Fund is collaborating with regional and national partners to finance education facilities that will expand programs serving local youth.


Supporting Pennsylvania’s Homeowners

With the pandemic raising the threat of increased foreclosures, the Homeowners’ Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program is filling the financial gap to keep Pennsylvania families in their homes. Reinvestment Fund developed a calculator tool to help estimate the demand for the program.


Unlocking Limitless Possibilities at HBCUs

Reinvestment Fund is developing a lending practice that aims to drive systemic change and break the cycle of financial exclusion by providing critical capital to HBCUs. Learn how our financing is helping Edward Waters College in Jacksonville.


Putting Housing First

Serving the Philadelphia community, Tenant Union Representative Network (TURN) teaches homebuyers, homeowners and renters what discrimination looks like and what their rights are. The organization offers an avenue for people to join together and advocate for systemic change.


2020 Impact in Numbers


permanent Jobs


people positively impacted


patient visits annually

1.3 million sq. ft.

of commercial real estate & community facility space

514,162 MWh

energy conserved and created annually




educational opportunities for students annually


businesses owned/controlled by people of color and/or women

Our investments are proudly aligned with the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Financial Summary
Performance, 2011-2020


Financing Transactions* Closed in Calendar Year 2020

$205 Million


Select Financial Data ($ in Thousands)

For a full set of financial statements, DOWNLOAD THE CY2020 AUDIT REPORT.

In 2020, more than 600 individuals, faith-based organizations, financial institutions, governments, and philanthropies supported Reinvestment Fund’s work through our Promissory Note program, program-related and other investments, charitable donations, grants, and contracts.

We are grateful for your trust and financial support, which makes our work possible. We are also proud to say that more than one third of Reinvestment Fund staff are also investors.

INVEST with us today.


Investors and equity contributors
  • Faith Abbey
  • Adina Abramowitz
  • Carolyn T. Adams
  • Ruth Nelson Allen
  • Andrea R. Allon
  • Suzanne Anastasi Aloi
  • Marynell Anderson
  • Marcia L. Angermann
  • Elizabeth Daniels Anton
  • Mary Beth Appel and Johanna M. Berrigan
  • Ina Elfant Asher
  • Dr. Charna O. Axelrod
  • Marcy K. Bacine and Daniel E. Bacine
  • Benjamin C. Baehr and Allison CM Baehr
  • John K. Ball and Elinor R. Ball
  • Olivia Grace Bance and Nyya Wellington Bance
  • Judith H. Banks
  • Richard S. Barkley
  • Natalie K. Barndt
  • Jerriette K. Bartlett and Allen L. Bartlett
  • Ruth Batts
  • Todd Baylson
  • Paul W. Beach, Jr.
  • Cathy J. Behar and Saul A. Behar
  • Joan H. Behr
  • Teri Bell
  • Charles J. Bentz and Mary C. Bentz
  • Joan Bergsteinsson and Paul Bergsteinsson
  • Cheryl Anne Bettigole and Adam Zeff
  • Jane Robin Bilger
  • Allen D. Black
  • Bart Blatstein
  • Elayne Blender
  • John D. Bloom and Amy E. Farrell
  • Cheryl O. Blunt and Elson O. Blunt
  • Linda Blyth and Alden Blyth
  • Jean Bodine
  • Stuart E. Bogom
  • Viki Bok and Dick Jones
  • Nathan Boon
  • Edith F. Borie
  • Margaret Berger Bradley
  • David Thomas Bradley
  • Noah B. Bradley
  • Nancy M. Brokaw and David H. Sanders
  • Elise Bromberg and Milton Cohen
  • Joshua Brooks
  • Nancy Brosius and William R. Brosius
  • Cari Bryce
  • Benjamin David Burenstein
  • Scott Burris and Margaret S. Lee
  • John A. Burton IV
  • Robert Butera
  • Mary M. Butler
  • Daniel B. Butler
  • Stacey L. Butterfield
  • Catherine M. Califano
  • Barbara Calkins and James Calkins
  • Geoffrey E. Campen
  • Catherine C. Carr and Louis N. Tannen
  • Cary Ambler Carter
  • Howard M. Casper
  • Carla C. Castillo
  • Harry E. Cerino
  • Arun Chalgeri
  • Sandra J. Choukroun
  • Jean-Marc Choukroun
  • Jolley Bruce Christman
  • Carroll H. Clay and Joseph V. F. Clay
  • Robert Hogan Closkey
  • Helen J. Closkey
  • John M. Closkey
  • Wendy Buckwalter Coffman
  • Angela H. Coghlan
  • Michele Coghlan and Thomas Coghlan
  • David P. Cohen
  • Linda Cohen and Burton Cohen
  • Ivy L. Cohn and Stephen L. Cohn
  • Rebekah Beth Cook-Mack
  • Michelle H. Cooney and Robert L. Cooney
  • Betsey S. Corkran
  • Elizabeth Corso and Matthew T. Corso
  • Isabel P. Cox-Johnson
  • Kristin Crandall
  • Anthony B. Creamer
  • Andrew J. Crerand
  • Paula S. Crist
  • Michael M. Crist
  • Michael A. Crist
  • Andrew J. Crist
  • Marian B. Dalke
  • Mary Daniel and Ralph Cook
  • Ann G. Davidoff and Frank F. Davidoff
  • Ellen Deacon
  • Jacqueline DeCarlo
  • Fred T. Dedrick
  • Jeffrey Dekro
  • Jose Alfredo Dela-Pena
  • Dana Devon
  • Margaret M. Doud
  • Emily Dowdall
  • Karen Dunkman
  • Jennifer D. Duskey and Peter J. Duskey
  • Noel Eisenstat
  • Ben Eisenstat
  • Aaron Eisenstat
  • The Elizabeth B. and
    Arthur E. Roswell Foundation, Inc
  • Paul S. Ellis and Mary Lynn H. Ellis
  • Wendy M. Emrich and James S. Emrich
  • Jane Erickson
  • Ollie M. Ervin
  • Jeremy Graf Evans
  • William H. Ewing
  • Rachel Falkove-Masch and Michael J. Falkove-Masch
  • Jennifer E. Fassbender and Christian P. Fassbender
  • Rabbi Jennifer E. Feldman
  • Rebecca Fellerman
  • Janet L. Filante
  • Marcia M. Finisdore
  • James T. Fleming
  • Diane M. Freaney
  • Joseph Freedman
  • Dayle Friedman
  • Nancy Fuchs-Kreimer and Seth Fuchs-Kreimer
  • Frank F. Furstenberg and Nina Segre
  • Lisa R. Gaffney
  • Barbara Gandy
  • Daniel K. Garofalo and Felicity H. Paxton
  • Carissa Gendrachi
  • Mary R. Gibbs
  • Timothy F. Gillespie and Katherine Gillespie
  • Eva Gladstein
  • Theresa Glennon and Jeffrey Lawrence Dunoff
  • Steven A. Goldfield
  • Diane Goldman and Otha Goldman
  • Jill and Michael Goldman
  • Abraham S. Goldstein
  • Ira J. Goldstein
  • Noah S. Goldstein
  • Sophia Barringer Gordon
  • Michael Gordon
  • Scott H. Gordon
  • Edward J. Gracely
  • Marshal Granor and Tamar E. Granor
  • Patricia Griffin
  • David Haas
  • Phyllis Haas
  • David Haddad
  • Phoebe A. Haddon
  • Constance C. Haggard and Richard A. Haggard
  • Heidi Hansan
  • Rev. Debra J. Hansen
  • Nicole Vance Harris
  • Judith Edquist Hartl and Konrad Palmer Hartl
  • Michaela B. Hartman
  • Jeremiah J. Hayes
  • Pamela Heier and Ronald Heier
  • Joseph A. Herwig and Elizabeth A. Herwig
  • Wendy Hibberd
  • Amanda M. High
  • Anne Hilton and David Hilton
  • Donald R. Hinkle-Brown and
    Christopher M. Hinkle-Brown
  • Jill Horn
  • Desmond Todd Hudson
  • Drew Humphries and Daniel P. Tompkins
  • Jesse Hunting
  • Mary Hurtig and Howard Hurtig
  • Christina Kind
  • Jeffrey Robert Jaeger
  • Dana Lynn Johnson
  • Kayla A. Jones, Nia A. Jones and Khalilah Jones
  • Brian J. Jordan
  • Amanda Joseph
  • Claire Louise Jurkowski
  • Daniel Katzenberg
  • Stephen L. Kazanjian
  • Seamus E. Kearney and Joan D. Lukas
  • Robert E. Keith and Margot W. Keith
  • Anne Kellett and Morris Kellett
  • Barbara Ann Kelley
  • Arlene W. Kelly
  • Sharon A. Kershbaum
  • Theodore W. Kheel
  • Sandra Kheradi
  • Sue Ellen Klein
  • Mary W. Klein and Justin P. Klein
  • Kenneth L. Klothen and Eve Biskind Klothen
  • Kirsten Knauer
  • Andrea Knox
  • George A. Korein
  • Alan Kosansky
  • Jennifer Kraft
  • Vicki W. Kramer and Donald W. Kramer
  • Sara J. Landis and Adam B. Garber
  • Earl W. Laney
  • Bernard S. Langer
  • Suzanne O. Laurito
  • Steven S. Lazin
  • Mary C. LeFever
  • Roy J. Lehman
  • David G. Lewis
  • Charisse R. Lillie
  • Beth Lipson and David Lipson
  • Geoffrey E. Lobenstine
  • Lance S. Loethen and Terra R. Edenhart-Pepe
  • Trinita Logue
  • Thomas A. Love and Gregory DeShields
  • James J. Lynch and Kathleen G. Lynch
  • Linda P. Manzo
  • Jonathan H. Marshall
  • Anthony B. Maruca and Jennifer R. Vail
  • Carolyn J. Mather
  • Linda Schairer Matlack
  • Dawn Matthews-Martin
  • Katherine Maus
  • Sarah Linden Maus
  • Eloisa Mayr
  • Jacob McAlister
  • Patricia McBee and Bradley Sheeks
  • Michael D. McClary
  • Thomas L. McClellan
  • Laura McKenna and Marc McKenna
  • Joseph E. McQuillan
  • Molly R. Melloh
  • Judith S. Memberg
  • Sylvia L. Metzler
  • Howard Meyers
  • Lydia Y.B. Midwood
  • Faith B. Midwood and John E. Midwood
  • Joyce E. Miller
  • Michael Martin Mills
  • Elizabeth Minnich
  • Vonetta Moore
  • Alan E. Morrison and Amy V. Morrison
  • Savannah W. Mudd and Jenifer A. Mudd
  • Stephen P. Mullin
  • Joan Munkanta
  • Stephen Mygatt
  • Pamela B. Nelson
  • Harriet B. Newburger
  • Elizabeth Nordell
  • Michael Norton
  • Laura Novo and Stephen P. Chawaga
  • Donna Leuchten Nuccio and Joseph Nuccio
  • Elizabeth Anne O'Donnell
  • Karen E. Orso
  • Carl Oxholm and Kimberly C. Oxholm
  • Sara Susan Palmer
  • Patricia A. Patrizi
  • Kim D. Paymaster and David L. Wade
  • Andrew I. Philipsborn and Jane R. Bilger
  • Robert Philipson and Dorothy Philipson
  • Leah Pillsbury
  • Valerie G. Piper
  • Ruth E. B. Podolin
  • Robert Pollack
  • Anne Bowen Poulin and John E. Poulin
  • Joan M. Powell
  • Andrew M. Rachlin
  • Allyson B. Randolph
  • Susan C. Rassas
  • Ruth N. Reed
  • Myra Reichel and Louis Cataldo
  • Diana VK Resek
  • Nicolas P. Retsinas and Joan M. Retsinas
  • John and Silenia Rhoads
  • Carol A. Rice
  • Willard C. Richan
  • Elizabeth R. Richman and Hershel J. Richman
  • Leonard Rieser
  • Charles G. Roach and Nancy Roach
  • George B. Roberts
  • Joan C. Roberts
  • Margarita Rose and Robert Tuttle
  • Timothy Roseboro
  • Beth Rosenbaum
  • Ariel R. Rosenberg
  • Katrina H. Rouse
  • David Rudovsky
  • Rev. E. Kyle Saint Claire
  • Robert G. Sanders
  • Krish Santosh, Leela Santosh, and Kavita Vijayan
  • Barbara A. Sarcinello and Joseph Sarcinello
  • Andrew Whalen Saul
  • Cecilia Schickel and Susan M. Hight
  • Maryanne Schiller
  • Steven M. Schnell and Lisa K. Schnell
  • Lawrence Schofer and Jane E. Schofer
  • William Mitchell Schotanus and
    Arleen Griffeth Schotanus
  • Julie S. Schwartz
  • Marc Schwartz
  • Michael R. Schwartz
  • MacKenzie Scott
  • Daniel Segal
  • Patricia Segal and Stephen Segal
  • Nina Selsor
  • Andrea Serbonich
  • Julia Serbulov
  • Barry J. Seymour and Jody R. Piltz-Seymour
  • Meghan Shaner
  • Catherine N. Shelton
  • Simran Sidhu and Ravi Acharya
  • Randi J. Siegel and John M. Harris
  • Kathryn T. Sipp
  • Jerome D. Smalley
  • Marie Smart and John Smart
  • Anthony E. Smith
  • Patricia L. Smith and Elbert Sampson
  • Jonathan Roberts Snipes
  • Matt Soloff
  • E. Morgan Spade and Matthew Spade
  • Julie Spahr
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  • Chris Steinbaugh
  • Dylan J. Steinberg and Amey A. Hutchins
  • Carolyn K. Stephens and Bruce M. Stephens
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  • Christopher Michael Sterman
  • Jacob M.W. Sterman
  • Tabitha Grace Vernon Sterman
  • Kathleen Stevens and Leonard Stevens
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  • Andrew Stone and Gene Bishop
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  • Catherine Walker Stradley
  • William JT Strahan and Marie A. Strahan
  • Seth & Claire Subik
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  • Christina M. Szczepanski and Adam T. Szczepanski
  • Francis Talarowski and Susan Best
  • Joshua I. Tauberer
  • Phyllis B. Taylor and Richard K. Taylor
  • Van C. Temple and Eva M. Abbott
  • Kara J. Tennis
  • Betsy Teutsch and David Teutsch
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  • Dana W. Toedtman and Craig B. Toedtman
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  • Rekha Unnithan
  • James M. Utterback and Danielle A. Stillman
  • Paul M. Van Cleve and Martha C. Van Cleve
  • Ryan VanderMeulen
  • Thomas M. Vernon and M. Patricia West Vernon
  • Robert and Alice Vernon
  • Sandeep Wadhwa and Lara Jakubowski
  • Tara Elisabeth Hislip
  • Nancy Wagner-Hislip and Brian Hislip
  • Geraldine Wang
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  • Abigail Weinberg
  • Cheryl Linda Weiss
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  • Barbara Wertz-Leiden and Charles Leiden
  • Pamela West
  • John A. Westrum
  • Judith Ann Wicks
  • Bridget S. and Gregory A. & Wiedeman
  • Denise A. Williams-Shannon
  • Alan L. Wilson
  • Amy J. Wilson
  • Joyce Winston
  • The Rev. and Mrs. William H. Wood III
  • Robert J. Woodruff and Lucy W. Duff
  • Mark M. Zandi
  • Annabel Zinn
  • Sydelle Zove and Stephen J. Kaufman
  • Gail Zukerman
  • We also thank those supporters who wish to remain anonymous, as well as the clients of:
  • Clean Yield, Freshpond Capital, Glenmede Trust, Loring Wolcott & Coolidge, Pathstone, Penn Trust, Trillium – Charles Schwab, and Veris Wealth Partners.

Faith-based Institutions

Investors and equity contributors
  • Arch Street United Methodist Church
  • Atlantic-Midwest Province of The School Sisters of Notre Dame
  • Augustinians
  • Bon Secours Health System, Inc.
  • Brandywine Deanery, Episcopal Diocese of PA
  • Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church Foundation
  • Bucks Deanery
  • Cathedral Church of The Saviour
  • Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting
  • Christ Church In Philadelphia
  • Church of St. Asaph
  • Church of The Good Samaritan
  • Church of The Holy Trinity
  • Congregation of The Sisters, Servants of The I.H.M.
  • Daughters of Our Lady of Mercy
  • Dominican Sisters of Peace
  • Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania, Church Fdn.
  • Episcopal Urban Caucus
  • First United Methodist Church of Germantown
  • FSC DENA Endowment Trust
  • Germantown Jewish Centre
  • Grace Episcopal Church, Hulmeville
  • Grey Nuns of The Sacred Heart
  • Haddonfield Friends Meeting
  • IHM Congregation Charitable Trust
  • Jewish Employment and Vocational Service
  • Mercy Health System
  • Missionary Servants of The Most Blessed Trinity
  • Pennypack Deanery
  • Presbytery of Philadelphia
  • Religious of The Assumption North American Province
  • Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia
  • Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth
  • Sisters of St. Joseph
  • Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament
  • Sisters, Servants of The I.H.M. (Legacy)
  • Society of Holy Child Jesus
  • St. Andrew's Church, Yardley
  • St. Andrew's Episcopal Church (West Vincent)
  • St. Francis-In-The-Fields Episcopal Church
  • St. James Episcopal Church of Kingsessing
  • St. James Episcopal Church, Langhorne
  • St. John's Episcopal Church
  • St. Joseph's University
  • St. Mary's Church At The Cathedral
  • St. Mary's Episcopal Church Altar Guild
  • St. Mary's Medical Center
  • St. Peter's Church In The Great Valley
  • St. Peter's Church of Philadelphia Endowment Fund
  • St. Thomas of Villanova Church
  • Swarthmore Friends Meeting
  • The Sisters of Charity of The Incarnate Word
  • Trinity Episcopal Church, Swarthmore
  • Trinity Health
  • Trinity Memorial Episcopal Church
  • Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock
  • Vaad: Board of Rabbis of Greater Philadelphia

Financial Institutions

Investors and equity contributors
  • Amboy National Bank
  • Bank of America
  • Banc of America Community Development Corporation
  • Bryn Mawr Trust Company
  • Capital One
  • Chase New Markets Corporation
  • Customers Bank
  • ESSA Bank and Trust
  • Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh
  • Fox Chase Bank
  • Fulton Bank, NA
  • Howard Bank
  • HSBC Bank USA, NA
  • JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA
  • Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company
  • MECU of Baltimore, Inc
  • Northern Trust
  • Philadelphia Contributionship
  • PNC Bank, NA
  • PNC Community Partners, Inc
  • Republic First Bank
  • Rosedale Federal Savings and Loan Association
  • Second Federal Savings and Loan
  • TD Banknorth, NA
  • Univest Bank and Trust
  • Wells Fargo
  • Wells Fargo Regional Foundation
  • Woodforest National Bank

Corporate, Civic, and Government

Investors and equity contributors
  • Amalgamated Abstract Company of PA Inc.
  • Amazon Smile
  • Allegheny County
  • American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS)
  • Arthur L. and Geraldine C. Schneeberg Foundation
  • Barra Foundation
  • Burke Foundation
  • Carol and F. Otto Haas Fund of the Philadelphia Foundation
  • City of Cleveland
  • City of Philadelphia
  • College of Notre Dame Maryland
  • Columbus Property Management and Development, Inc.
  • Community Design Collaborative of AIA Philadelphia
  • Community Development Loan and Investment Fund, Inc.
  • Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, Inc.
  • Cornell University
  • Customized Energy Solutions
  • Delaware State Housing Authority
  • Department of Housing and Community Development
  • Drumcliff Foundation
  • Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.
  • Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
  • Frontiers International Philadelphia Club
  • Heinz Endowment
  • Housing Equality Center of Pennsylvania
  • Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership
  • Institute of Museum and Library Services
  • JPB Foundation
  • Kauffman Foundation
  • Living Cities Catalyst Fund LLC
  • Local Initiatives Support Corporation
  • May 8 Consulting, Inc.
  • Milton Hershey School
  • National Development Council
  • Neighborhood Development Center
  • Oak Foundation
  • Opportunity Finance Network
  • Otto Haas Charitable Trust
  • Oxholm Family Fund
  • Patricia Kind Family Foundation
  • Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency
  • Pennsylvania CDFI Network
  • Philadelphia Chapter of The AIA
  • Philadelphia Parent Child Center
  • Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority
  • Pink House Foundation, Inc.
  • Plowshare Farm, Inc
  • Polis Holding Group, LLC
  • Profit Point Fund
  • Public Health Management Corporation
  • Regional Housing Legal Services, Inc.
  • Research for Action
  • Richmond Memorial Health Foundation
  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • Samuel S. Fels Fund
  • Success Measures Evaluation Services
  • Summit Consulting, LLC
  • The Alfred & Mary Douty Foundation
  • The Annie E. Casey Foundation
  • The Bainum Family Foundation
  • The Baltimore Community Foundation, Inc.
  • The City of St. Louis
  • The Elaine and Vincent Bell Foundation
  • The Homeless Assistance Fund, Inc.
  • The JPB Foundation
  • The Kresge Foundation
  • The Lehigh Valley Planning Commission
  • The Leo & Peggy Pierce Family Foundation
  • The Pew Charitable Trust
  • The Philadelphia Foundation, Inc.
  • The School District of Philadelphia
  • Thomas Scattergood Behavioral Health Foundation
  • Triskeles Foundation
  • Tulane University
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • U.S. Department of Treasury Community Development Financial Institutions Fund
  • U.S. Small Business Association
  • Valentine Foundation
  • van Ameringen Foundation
  • Vanguard Charitable
  • Wallace Roberts & Todd, LLC
  • Wells Fargo Regional CDC
  • Westrum Urban Opportunity, LP
  • William Penn Foundation