Also by Reinvestment Fund

Our Values

Our values reflect what guides us as an organization. They also reflect the experiences of our past and the focus of our future. These are the strengths that we continue to invest in, reinforce, and enhance.

Advance Equity

We use our tools and resources to advance equity and reduce racial disparities that stem from historic and systemic racism.

Create Opportunity

Drive our work by increasing equity of access to resources that strengthen communities and create economic opportunity.


We innovate with market and evidence-based, scalable solutions that yield economic growth in low-wealth communities.

Lead with Data

Accurate data and objective analyses lead to wiser decisions in allocating capital and advising public policies.

Act and Reflect

Effective community impact is a sustained process of action and reflection — of calculated risks and learning; with no single starting point.

Organize Money and People

In areas of market failure, higher impact is possible when organized capital is combined with organized constituents.

Transcend the Transactional

Transforming places and increasing equity and access require deep commitment and lasting engagement that transcend the transactional.

Deliver Quality

Borrowers, partners and investors deserve high quality services, transparent and accurate reporting, accountability for effective deployment, and responsible policies.

Invest in People

We encourage and invest in excellence and diversity in our employees, Board members and volunteers. They are our most valuable assets in attracting partners, investors and borrowers who share our values.