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Child Nutrition Fund

The New Jersey Child Nutrition Fund (NJCNF), created and administered by the Reinvestment Fund and supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, provides capital funding and technical assistance for federal nutrition program sponsors, sites, and meal vendors to expand the availability of fresh and nutritious food to children across the state of New Jersey.   

The application window for NJCNF COVID-19 Emergency Meal Grants is now closed. Organizations can still apply for Program Expansion Awards (see information below).

In response to the public health and economic crisis created by the Novel Coronavirus, Reinvestment Fund is using NJCNF resources to now offer COVID19 Emergency Meal Grants. Grants will be available to support organizations that are addressing rising food insecurity among children and families in New Jersey. NJCNF will offer a total of $450,000 in grants to help current CACFP and SFSP programs continue meal service in response to COVID-19 disruptions.  

COVID19 Emergency Meal Grants 

NJCNF is offering flexible and streamlined capital grant awards to help current Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) and Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) sponsors, sites, and vendors continue meal service in response to COVID-19 disruptions. These awardsare intended to meet the immediate capital and operational needs of organizations as they work to respond to the evolving crisis, as well as enable organizations to strategically plan for evolving needs and expansion possibilities over the coming months.   

Grants can include: 

  • Up to $10,000 for program operations and materials or supplies (i.e. packaging containers, shelf-stable food, health/safety sanitation, staffing, etc.)  
  • Up to $25,000 where specific larger equipment purchases are needed, (i.e. vehicle for mobile delivery, refrigeration or heating equipment) 

Eligibility for Emergency Meal Grants 

To apply, organizations must:  

  • Be located in or support programs in New Jersey and currently operate a CACFP or SFSP program 
  • Be a non‐profit or for‐profit organization 
  • Be able to demonstrate organizational capacity to meet program goals and requirements 

Prior grantees of NJCNF Expansion Awards are welcome to apply for COVID19 Emergency Meal Grants.   

At this time, school districts are not eligible, and programs must be utilizing CACFP or SFSP.  Reinvestment Fund acknowledges circumstances are ever evolving in this crisis, especially around child nutrition and emergency food assistanceand will continue to evaluate our program guidelines and funding eligibility to respond to emerging needs. 

Priorities for Emergency Meal Grants 

NJCNF will prioritize awards based on the following: 

  • Programs serving rural areas  
  • Programs in or serving southern NJ counties   
  • Programs serving children not currently being served by their School Districts 
  • Programs serving higher numbers of children.  

NJCNF Emergency Meal Grantees

To date, we’ve awarded $140,000 (out of $450k) to ten organizations to help current Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) and Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) sponsors continue meal service in response to COVID-19 disruptions.

Award grantees listed in alphabetical order:

  • Acelero Learning Camden
  • Appel Farm Arts & Music Campus
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Mercer County
  • Clinton Hill Community & Early Childhood Center
  • Greater Philadelphia YMCA
  • Middlesex County Recreation Council Inc., Kiddie Keep Well Camp
  • Oasis — A Haven for Women and Children
  • Palestinian American Community Center
  • Smart Start Academy
  • The Children’s Home Society of New Jersey

To Apply for Emergency Meal Grants 

Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. Applications must be submitted using Reinvestment Fund’s online grants portal. 

Program Expansion Awards 

NJCNF aims to increase the number of low-income children receiving meals in childcare and community-based settings by increasing participation in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) and the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP). Additionally, NJCNF seeks to facilitate the use of fresh, local and ethnically appropriate food whenever possible.  

To achieve these goals, NJCNF offers business planning services and grant and loan funding for predevelopment activities to childcare operators, community-based organizations and food vendors that participate or seek to participate in CACFP and SFSP. Business planning support and grant funds aim to expand or enhance existing programs and/or to establish a new meal program.  

Through a rolling application process, funding will be available to fund planning activities, and in some instances, implementation awards will be made to support the execution of capital projects and/or facility plans. Interested applicants must complete a Contact Sheet and provide information about their proposed project. 

  • Planning Awards – Organizations will be asked to initially apply for planning grant awards to support predevelopment activities such as engineers and other professional fees, or training and technical assistance in business planning, program administration, and implementation strategies from consultants—either pre-identified or matched through this program. Planning awards range from $5,000 to $50,000. 
  • Capital Investment and Implementation Awards – Demonstration of ability to execute proposed projects is a prerequisite to obtaining Capital Investment and Implementation Awards. Funding will be made available in the form of grants and loans, to support project financing for equipment, facilities, or contracts receivable. Funding consideration will be made based upon project need and organizational profile. Implementation awards may support a portion of projects sized up to $5 million. 

For more program details, download our brochure. 

Eligibility for Program Expansion Awards 

Before applying, please ensure your organization meets the following eligibility criteria: 

  • Organization is located in or supports programs in New Jersey AND qualifies as: 
  • An organization aiming to establish a CACFP or SFSP meal program; 
  • An organization aiming to expand or enhance an existing CACFP or SFSP meal program; or 
  • A food vendor aiming to expand or enhance the food quality provided to CACFP or SFSP meal programs. 
  • Non‐profit or for‐profit organization. 
  • Ability to demonstrate organizational capacity to meet program goals and requirements. 

** Priority considerations will be given to applicants located in areas with little to minimal access to these services, or with project locations in rural New Jersey. 

To Apply for Program Expansion Awards 

To Apply: 

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Interested applicants must complete a Contact Sheet and provide information about their proposed project. Please email the completed form to 

For more information, contact:  


Contact Sheet

Project Partners

Advocates for Children of New Jersey – ACNJ works to identify children’s needs through research, policy and legal analysis. Reinvestment Fund’s Policy Solutions team has partnered with ACNJ on research to expand participation in CACFP.

Hunger Free New Jersey – NJCNF partners with Hunger Free New Jersey and the Food for Thought Campaign in its advocacy efforts to ensure that every single New Jersey child has healthy food to eat, every single day.


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