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General Business and Organizational Needs

Support Available

To be successful in the early learning community you must make the best decisions to maintain a sustainable business. This includes decisions about licensing, marketing, choosing the correct business type, having a sound business plan, budgeting, understanding debt, determining when to expand or renovate, site design and health and safety. While some early childcare education businesses are formed through a comprehensive strategic/business plan, many come together organically based on an individual’s skillset and the needs of the surrounding community. Whether intentional or organic, both businesses need access to resources to help them manage and sustain a healthy small business.

Reinvestment Fund’s Coaching to Success: Building Together aims to provide those in the Early Childhood Education (ECE) industry with the resources needed to make the best financial decisions for their business. The goal is to help providers improve their business acumen and be better equipped to make the right financial decisions.

In this section you will find a variety resources that will help strengthen your organization from lending and grant opportunities, access to subject matter experts, credit improvement, free tax preparation, matching savings programs and many more.

Grant and Loan Opportunities


  • Fund for Quality (FFQ)—Business planning support and facilities-related financing to support high-quality early care and education providers in Philadelphia with expanding their services to reach more low-income families.
  • Child Care Facilities Fund (CCFF)—Provide support to high quality early childhood education providers located in Philadelphia for the maintenance and improvement of their facilities to maintain a high level STAR rating. The Fund also providers support to STAR 2 providers involved in quality improvement initiatives and meeting additional eligibility criteria.
  • Grants for Small Businesses by Comcast—Applications for the Comcast RISE Investment Fund will be accepted March 1-14, 2021 for a $10,000 grant.
  • Grants for Small Businesses funded by Verizon—LISC will launch the grant application that small businesses can use to apply for a $10,000 grant. Grants will be eligible for small businesses across the U.S., particularly in historically underserved communities hit hard by the pandemic.
  • Small Business Advantage Grant for Pennsylvania-based businesses—The Small Business Advantage Grant provides 50% matching grants, up to a maximum of $7,000 to enable Pennsylvania small businesses to purchase energy efficient or pollution prevention equipment, or adopt waste reduction processes.
  • PA 30 Day Fund—The non-profit Pennsylvania 30 Day Fund provides forgivable loans for Pennsylvania-based small businesses. The forgivable loan is intended to provide immediate financial assistance (within maximum three days) to meet payroll, preserve healthcare coverage for employees and save jobs while they await recently approved federal funding.
  • COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Award for Child Care Workers—The Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) is providing a one-time award of $600 to employees within the child care industry using federal Child Care Development Fund (CCDF) quality dollars and remaining CARES Act round one and two funding.
  • Free Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)—PPE such as masks, gloves and eye protection is available to child care facilities in Philadelphia. In addition, other supplies necessary to meet CDC health and safety guidelines for child care centers will be included such as disinfectant, sanitizer, soap, and no touch thermometers.
  • Health & Safety Technical Assistance—The Health & Safety supports are available AT NO COST to ALL PROVIDERS in Philadelphia. A PHMC consultants can assist you with understanding and implementing current guidelines as we navigate through the “new normal” and provide support.
  • Amber Grant For Women—WomensNet gives away at least $10,000 every month in Amber Grant money.


  • ECE Loan Fund—Flexible and low-interest loans to early childhood education providers in Philadelphia to maintain high-quality early learning environments.
  • Reinvestment Fund—A national mission-driven financial institution that provides capital for transformative projects that revitalize communities so that residents can thrive.


  • Childcare Map—A tool to help Philadelphians make decisions about childcare. Use it for research, planning, exploration and investment in expansion.
  • COVID-19: Know Your Numbers (webinar)— View the recording | Download the presentation 
  • Fiscal Hub—Resource for child care owners and directors improve their business management practices and financial operations through resources, technical assistance, and policy advancement.
  • Group Cohorts Learning—Reinvestment Fund will provide technical assistance to groups of providers based on similar needs. Technical Assistance will include education around topic areas such as: computer literacy, budget forecasting, operational needs, business planning, Lending 101, and building relationships with Subject Matter Experts (i.e. bookkeeper, payroll, accountant, tax professional, etc.). More to come – please complete the survey if interested.
  • Family Child Care Proforma (i.e. Sole Proprietor or Single Member LLC filing a Schedule C tax form) – COMING SOON
  • Child Care Center Proforma (i.e. S-Corp filing tax form 1120S, Corporation filing tax form 1120 or a Non Profit filing tax form 990) – Download the excel spreadsheet
  • Business Viability
  • Strategies to stabilize your business

Partner Programs and Organizations

  • Better Futures –  Provides technical assistance and one-on-one guidance that raises the bar and targets the needs of three distinct stakeholders – children, staff and owners. Better Futures is a unique consulting firm, offering a diverse mix of technical experts, skilled financial professionals and seasoned practitioners that are intimately familiar with the field of early childhood and the critically important aspects of managing a business. The founders hold advanced degrees (Doctorate in Early Childhood Education and Master’s in Business Management) and possess over 65 years of combined experience.
  • CRAFT by Better Futures – A web-based online training platform for ECE Associations (CRAFTP) and their members.
  • Campaign For Working Families (CWF) – Helps Sole Proprietors and Single Member LLCs achieve economic empowerment by providing tax preparation, resource building and asset development. CWF facilitates increased financial stability and asset accumulation for families by connecting them to valuable tax credits, quality financial services, savings options, wealth building resources and public benefits. CWF services allow families to maximize federal and state tax credits, including the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). Services are free.
    Call 215-454-6483 or email for more information.
  • Family Self-Sufficiency – The Compass Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS) at the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) is a program that enables both PHA Public Housing residents and Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) holders to increase their earned income and reduce their dependency on welfare assistance. Participants identify personal goals such as employment, completing school, homeownership or starting a business. Once enrolled, PHA establishes an FSS Savings Account that grows as participants increase their earned income. During the program participants receive access to financial coaching and case management services designed to help them reach their goals.
    Call 267-546-1153 or visit us at
  • United Way’s Small Business IDA Program – Lubert Individual Development Account Program (IDA) helps small businesses purchase equipment, hard assets and other productive business-related purchases that are exclusively related to projected growth in revenues.What is an IDA? How does it work? An IDA is a Saving Matching Plan where a qualifying small business owner saves money in a designated account for a period of time. The savings are then matched by an amount up to two times the amount saved (max. savings $1,500, max. match savings with IDA is $3,000).
    Contact Cheryl R. Mackey at 215-665-2510 or

Desmond Hudson
Director, Community Engagement and Technical Assistance

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