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Access to quality and affordable homes is critical to building sustainable, healthy communities. Reinvestment Fund offers a broad toolkit of products to support housing development.

Investing in Housing

Reinvestment Fund’s housing financing aims to increase access to housing that is affordable and safe for all families. With the growing demand for affordable housing, we are committed to a comprehensive approach that leverages partnerships with government, financial institutions, nonprofits, advocates and developers to support this need.

Our financing offers a broad toolkit to actively support a variety of approaches to increase affordable housing—from Low Income Housing Tax Credits to naturally occurring affordable housing (NOAH) to land trusts and other subsidies. In recent years, Reinvestment Fund has focused on meeting a need within the NOAH market. With subsidies for regulated affordable housing diminishing and much private construction concentrated at the top of the market, there is significant unmet demand for housing that sells or rents at a low price naturally due to low costs of acquisition and renovation. As a CDFI, Reinvestment Fund has the experience and expertise to support the smaller businesses that work within this market to preserve affordable homes.

Examples of our Financing Solutions

  • Fund to Fund – for programs that support small scale housing developers as well as developers who are underrepresented in real estate development
  • Community land trust – for projects that utilize a land trust model to preserve long term affordability
  • Incentivizing Naturally Occuring Affordable Housing – concessionary financing features for to incentivize naturally occuring affordable housing
  • Predevelopment – early financing can help developers ready their projects for development
  • Acquisition – financing to help acquire land and/or property for development
  • Construction – short-term financing for construction projects
  • Permanent – longer-term capital for housing development
  • Energy – financing for climate consciousness in affordable housing
  • Non-profit developers – financing to support smaller, nonprofit developers
  • Affordable Housing Program (AHP) subsidy – resources available as part of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh
  • New Markets Tax Credits – financing for NMTC transactions related to mixed-use developments with rental housing as well as for-sale housing


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For more information, contact one of our experts:

Robert Cox
Senior Director, Housing and
Commercial Real Estate Lending 

Elizabeth Frantz
Director and Market Leader Lending

Michael Pokorny
Senior Director, Lending