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Clean Energy

Reinvestment Fund has long been committed to investments that both support thriving communities and are sustainable for the environment. Over two decades, this commitment has resulted in $102 million in investments to support a broad variety of projects from wind farms to energy-efficient retrofits.

Our Approach

The risks and costs of climate change are not equally shared: Research shows that low-income people and communities of color disproportionately live in places with poor environmental quality and the resulting adverse health effects. In most cities, the high cost of housing and historic segregation have led to concentrations of low-income people living around industrial sites, freeways and other polluters that are contaminating the air and compromising the atmosphere through carbon emissions and other toxins.

Reinvestment Fund has long viewed environmentally responsible investment as core to our mission. Since 1993, we have invested $102 million in climate solutions like wind farms and solar power, and in projects that reduce our country’s carbon footprint, including energy efficient building design, local food systems, transit-oriented development and more.

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Our Impact

To date, our financing has resulted in:

  • 1.8 million MWh of energy conserved and clean energy created–enough to power more than 190,000 homes for a year.
  • Over 3.5 million square feet of energy efficient development.
  • 233 solar installations, which generate over 1 MW of energy.
  • 7 wind farms, which generate 257 MW of of energy.

Reinvestment Fund’s financial products and technical assistance encourage our borrowers—from supermarket operators to affordable housing developers and education providers—to incorporate climate solutions in their projects. We finance energy conservation and efficiency measures as well as the use of renewable energy and other clean energy technologies. Our housing development affiliate, TRF Development Partners, has consistently made energy efficiency a priority, achieving ENERGY STAR standards for the homes it develops.

By reducing energy waste and promoting the use of renewable energy, such as wind and solar, Reinvestment Fund is helping reduce the adverse health and environmental effects that result from conventional, carbon-intensive energy sources. And, by producing savings year after year, energy efficiency improvements are beneficial and profitable investments, and have been shown to increase the market value of a property.