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Scottdale Early Learning


A Longstanding Childcare Center Makes Way for 40 PHL PREK Seats


Cultivating Strong Communities Citywide Through Fund For Quality (FFQ)


A West Philadelphia Small Business Scales Up

News November 10, 2022

Atlanta’s Metro Only Has Early Child Care Capacity for Two-thirds of Its Children


A Thriving West Philadelphia Childcare Business is a Case Study on Expanding High-Quality Care


Understanding How Changes to Keystone STARS Ratings Will Affect Gaps in the Supply of High-Quality Child Care

Since 2014, Reinvestment Fund has conducted an annual analysis of the gap between the supply of and demand for high-quality child care in Philadelphia. In June 2017 Pennsylvania’s Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS), Keystone STARS, initiated changes to the standards for childcare providers across the state.


Estimating the Supply and Demand for Child Care in Newark, NJ

High-quality early learning experiences support positive child development and help prepare children for success in school and beyond. Quality child care is also critical for families, as it allows parents to maintain employment. To better understand gaps in the supply of child care, and high-quality care in particular, Reinvestment Fund conducted a study of the supply and demand for child care in Newark to identify underserved areas. Findings from the analysis are provided in this report.