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Aequo Fund

Topic Housing
Geography Washington DC

Reinvestment Fund financing is supporting a new investment vehicle that works with startup or undercapitalized Black, brown, women, and developers.

Aequo Fund aims to level the playing field by providing capital, access, and support to historically marginalized developers so that they can be part of shaping their cities and neighborhoods. Formed by Ernst Valery, a frequent Reinvestment Fund partner, Aequo Fund invests in the acquisition, rehab and sale of single-family homes by developers seeking to gain experience and access to mentorship.

Mr. Valery has a deep personal connection to this work, having built his own company through similar mentor and investor relationships. It has been his goal to give back and help up the next generation for many years.

The Aequo Fund enables early-career developers to launch their first project or expand their portfolios, with a focus on projects that promote affordable homeownership in urban communities. In addition to a focus on increasing diversity in the development space, Aequo Fund is specifically interested in projects that create affordable housing inventory, foster stronger community ties, and leverage partnerships with community organizations.

The Fund supports local developers working in neighborhoods in five cities where Mr. Valery has active development projects: Richmond, VA, Baltimore, MD, Philadelphia PA, Buffalo, NY and Portland, ME.

Aequo Fund is expected to support the construction of 31 new market affordable homes over its term at an average capital cost of $200,000. The investments will support the acquisition and renovation of properties in neighborhoods where values at sale are between $250,000 and $300,000. The homes will be affordable to incomes at between 60-100% of the area median income for the city.

Reinvestment Fund is partnering with Enterprise Community Loan Fund on the financing that will help capitalize the $6.2 million fund. The Fund’s equity comes from the founder and other investors.

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