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2013 Opportunity Finance Network Conference is in Philadelphia

The 2013 Opportunity Finance Network Conference is in Philadelphia this October and as a local co-host, TRF will be participating in many ways. In addition to being in attendance, many of TRF’s senior staff will be sharing their expertise in a variety of sessions throughout the conference.  TRF’s PolicyMap will also be exhibiting at the conference. Be sure to connect with us while we are there.

The following are some of the sessions at which TRF staff will be speaking.

October 15th 2013

Tour: Improving Healthy Food Access
TRF’s Patricia Smith will be leading a tour of a variety of healthy food access projects in the Philadelphia area including the TRF-financed Mariposa Food Co-op and Fare and Square.

October 16th 201

Demand-Side Challenges for Energy Efficiency Retrofits
TRF’s Roger Clark will one of the speakers discussing some of the difficulties in making energy efficient loans and the ways in which CDFIs have been successful in finding solutions to demand-side challenges.

October 17th 2013

CDFI Partnerships with Municipalities and the Private Sector
TRF’s Andrew Rachlin will be among the panelists speaking on CDFI partnerships with municipalities and corporations are on the rise and there is much to be learned about how these sometimes complex initiatives operate.


Strategies for Increasing Retail Investors
TRF’s Don Hinkle-Brown leads a roundtable discussion that brings CDFIs that offer notes to individuals (retail investor CDFIs) together to share strategies and consider new ways to engage existing and new investors.


Tour: Charter Schools – Facilities that Inspire Learning
TRF’s Sara Vernon Sterman and Molly Melloh lead a tour of TRF-financed charter schools in the Philadelphia area, including Freire Charter School.


Data Tools for Healthy Food Investments
TRF’s Christina Szczepanski is one of three speaks on different data tools that offer a way to quantify need and demand for healthy foods in underinvested neighborhoods.


October 18, 2013:  

Collaboration as the New Competition
TRF’s Sara Vernon Sterman joins a panel of speakers discussing three recent examples of CDFI collaboration, each focused on harnessing partners’ strengths and resources to amplify outcomes.