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Justice for George Floyd

We at Reinvestment Fund hope that this moment of accountability will blossom to create a just future where all of us can truly thrive. A future where everyone is safe and protected, regardless of skin color or identity.

Today’s guilty verdict is an inflection point for our country as we begin to heal the wounds of injustice and violence perpetrated against Black communities for generations.

The months leading up to this moment have exposed how routine racialized violence has become.

Daunte Wright and Adam Toledo are only the most recent examples of murders at the hands of law enforcement. Similarly, recent mass shootings have killed Asians and Sikhs. People of color have been at the cross hairs of police brutality and gun violence for too long.

The work of anti-racism is more urgent than ever. We cannot slow down and must continue to dismantle the systems that perpetuate injustice in communities.