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Stephen Ruzzo

Manager, Risk and Compliance

Stephen Ruzzo currently serves as a Manager, Risk & Compliance in the Operations department at Reinvestment Fund. In this role, he leads the implementation and execution of several ongoing strategic objectives to create a sustainable risk and compliance program. This includes managing programs, including but not limited to vendor management, due diligence and screening, contract management, training, and the policies and procedures surrounding each of these.

Prior to Reinvestment Fund, Mr. Ruzzo was a Senior Associate at Capital One, working in the AML department for the last 8 years. His roles consisted of leading AML controls testing across the enterprise, standing up an AML training program, conducting Enhanced Due Diligence investigations, and filing of suspicious activity in the Transaction Monitoring Operations department. Mr. Ruzzo graduated with a Bachelors degree in Crime, Law, and Justice from Penn State University, has a Masters in Forensic Accounting, and is a Certified Ani-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS).