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Success Story

Kensington Community Food Cooperative

Reinvestment Fund provided financing for the Kensington Community Food Cooperative (KCFC), a nonprofit cooperative business that aims to increase accessibility to healthy, local, and organic foods at fair prices in the Philadelphia community.

KCFC was formed in 2008 by a group of neighbors that recognized the need for access to healthy, local, organic foods for reasonable prices in their community. Since its founding, KCFC has continued to bring its community together through promoting access to local produce, while raising funds to open its own store location. Reinvestment Fund provided financing for leasehold improvements and the purchase of new equipment in preparation of the store’s opening n early 2019.

KCFC has grown to 788 member households, which translates to about 1,000 individuals. Each member household pays a one-time investment of $200 to gain access to locally grown, organic produce at reasonable costs. Those who volunteer two hours a month receive a 10% discount on the membership fee. In addition to acquiring members, KCFC has partnered with organizations in the community like Greensgrow Farm, The Food Trust, and Emerald Street Urban Farm. KCFC has partnered with 44 local businesses to offer discounts on a variety of goods and service to members and non-members to purchase locally sourced produce, meat, and dairy.

The KCFC store is located in Kensington at the cross-section of Coral St. and Lehigh Ave. This location is adjacent to a USDA Low-Access-Supermarket area which is very diverse. The store is likely to attract residents from the growing neighborhoods of South Kensington and Fishtown.

The building’s 2,9000-square-foot first floor will be open for healthy food retail. This space will also include an expanded loading dock, refrigeration areas, a cold prep kitchen, and a cafe and deli with a bar for eating.