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Success Story

Tunbridge Public Charter School

In 2013, Reinvestment Fund financed a loan to Tunbridge Public Charter School (TPCS) a Baltimore City charter school and existing Reinvestment Fund borrower. The loan supports improvements to a former convent in order to enable the school to expand to operate a middle school program in this space.

Tunbridge opened in fall 2010 after Reinvestment Fund closed a loan to finance the acquisition of a former parochial school building and convent as well as renovations to the building. The school has grown its elementary program in the school building, serving 176 students in K-3 in its first year of operation to 286 students in K-5 during the 2012-2013 school year. Adding one grade per year, Tunbridge will eventually serve 436 students in K-8 between both the school building and former convent.


Tunbridge was founded by Afya Baltimore Inc. (“ABI”), which also founded and continues to operate Afya Public Charter School. Afya is a successful charter middle school and current TRF borrower dedicated to health and wellness of Baltimore’s early adolescents. ABI opened Tunbridge in order to address three main objectives: 1) to teach students at an early age the benefits of a healthy lifestyle; 2) to continue the success of the Afya model and expand it to include elementary grades; and 3) to address the community need for education options for families in the York Road corridor.

The School was named after Tunbridge Road, which crosses York Road, and this is symbolic of the School’s intent to pull students from both the east and west sides of York Road. York Road is somewhat of a socio-economic dividing line and Tunbridge has a diverse student body, and 58% of students are eligible for free and reduced price lunch.