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Angela Cipollini
Finance Intern

Where do you go to school and what are you studying towards?
I will be a senior this fall at Temple University and I am studying towards a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance with a minor in Economics.

What attracted you to Reinvestment Fund for a summer internship?
My initial attraction to Reinvestment Fund was the quality of real work experience I would gain by working here. Also, the mission of the company and the history of how it began fascinated me because of how much they are giving to people and communities in need.

What are some of the things you will be working on for Reinvestment Fund this summer? What do you hope to learn from your internship here?
Some of the things I will be working on for Reinvestment Fund this summer are the daily cash processes, reviewing loan portfolios and updating their financial calculation requirements, testing new ERP software upgrades, and enhancing their financial forecasting models. I hope to learn the details of how a company’s day-to-day finances run and how each member of the Reinvestment Fund Finance and Accounting team contributes to that process. I also hope to learn how to analyze their current financials and how those numbers are integrated into the financial predictions for the future of Reinvestment Fund.

Share something interesting you have learned about Reinvestment Fund or the industry in your first few weeks here.
I have learned that not only are all of Reinvestment Fund’s employees dedicated to their work, but they are also dedicated to creating a welcoming and comfortable environment in the office every single day. I believe that the dynamic atmosphere at Reinvestment Fund is one of the main components to their success as a company.

College attended: Temple University