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Eric Dunn
Accounting Intern

Where do you go to school and what are you studying towards?
I attend Elon University and am pursuing a degree in Accounting.

What attracted you to Reinvestment Fund for a summer internship?
I was very inspired by the company’s mission and their efforts to revitalize impoverished communities, and was very interested in learning about how the company functions internally.

What are some of the things you will be working on for Reinvestment Fund during your internship? What do you hope to learn from your internship here?
I will be working within the Accounting Department assisting with bank reconciliations, journal entries, and other tasks involving the company’s daily operations.

Share something interesting you have learned about Reinvestment Fund or the industry in your time here.
Before my internship began I was not even aware of what a CDFI was, but I have since realized their impact and believe the CDFI industry is one that needs to expand in order to restore the depleted infrastructure of the impoverished communities that Reinvestment Fund invests in.

College(s) Attended: Elon University (expected graduation 2018), Accounting