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Phil Fargason
TRF Development Partners Intern

Where do you go to school and what are you studying towards?
I am currently working towards a Master of City Planning Degree and a Certificate in Real Estate Design and Development at the University of Pennsylvania.

What attracted you to Reinvestment Fund for a summer internship?
TRF Development Partners has a unique strategy for revitalizing neighborhoods. TRF Development Partners is one of the only groups doing scattered site, affordable and historic home rehabilitations in partnership with community groups and the public sector. I think this is a great model for community development and I want to learn more about how it works on the ground.

What are some of the things you will be working on for Reinvestment Fund during your internship? What do you hope to learn from your internship here?
This is an exciting summer to be working for TRF Development Partners. I will help organize documents needed for financial closings and the beginning of construction for 48 housing units in Baltimore. I will continue to help ensure that all of the Baltimore properties are in compliance with local, state, and funding-source compliance requirements, and market some of our for-sale homes.  I also hope to assist with the work our group is doing in Mt. Holly, NJ. This summer I’m most excited to learn more about financial closings and construction administration.

Share something interesting you have learned about Reinvestment Fund or the industry in your time here.
I’ve learned that having a close relationship with the local community is essential, especially for an outside development group. The trust that TRF Development Partners has built within the community through its relationship with BUILD has been helpful at every stage in the development process–from acquiring the land to obtaining financing and necessary approvals.

Is there anything else that you would like to share that we didn’t ask you?
In my spare time I most enjoy being outside and playing music. I enjoy biking, hiking, throwing a frisbee, and picnics in the park.  And like Phil Collins, I too am a singing drummer.

College(s) attended: University of Pennsylvania, Master of City Planning Program (expected graduation 2017); Washington University in Saint Louis, BA in Architecture