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Emily Dowdall
Policy Director

Ms. Dowdall oversees business development for Policy Solutions, as well as conducting research and working with our clients to apply the results of that work in support of their efforts to make data-based decisions around the effective application of resources and programs. Prior to Reinvestment Fund, she held the position of Officer with the Philadelphia Research Initiative (PRI) at the Pew Charitable Trusts, where she led research efforts on critical issues facing Philadelphia and other cities, producing major reports on gentrification and neighborhood change, the role of public libraries, and the closure and reuse of school buildings. Ms. Dowdall was responsible for identifying key audiences for that research and tailoring relevant products for such diverse consumers as city and state officials, academic subject experts, engaged members of the public, and media outlets. Before PRI, Emily worked as a Research Manager at the Rudin Center for Transportation Policy and Management at NYU and at Bennett Midland LLC, a management consulting firm focused on the civic sector. Emily was also a Senior Policy Analyst for the Criminal Justice Coordinator in New York City’s Office of the Mayor, where she aided in the planning and launch of a new continuum of alternatives to detention for court-involved youth, and a comprehensive legal support program for low-income families.