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Policy Solutions Team

Colin Weidig
Research Analyst

Mr. Weidig conducts evaluations, strategic planning, and quantitative analyses for philanthropic, government, and private clients. Employing both quantitative (including spatial, statistical, and analytics-based) and qualitative (including interviews and focus groups) analyses, Mr. Weidig builds bodies of research that help clients better understand their markets, programs, and policy advocacy. He is currently working with a community land trust on a Property Acquisition Plan, a group of housing advocates on an Inclusive Communities Strategy, an evaluation of an energy usage reduction program, and Market Value Analyses of Prince George’s county, Allegheny county, and Indianapolis. His previous work included evaluations of Neighborhood Stabilization Program 2 investments for both the City of Camden and the City of Philadelphia, an evaluation of Philadelphia’s Department of Licenses and Inspections’ novel Vacant Property Management Strategy, an evaluation of Philadelphia’s Mortgage Foreclosure Diversion Program, and a Market Value Analysis for the City of Atlantic City. He is the co-author of The City of Philadelphia’s Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Diversion Program: Addressing the Rising Tide of Foreclosure, What if Pennsylvania Had Not Had HEMAP?, and Strategic Property Code Enforcement and its Impacts on Surrounding Markets: An Analysis of Philadelphia’s Implementation of Pennsylvania’s Neighborhood Blight Revitalization and Reclamation Act, among others.

Prior to joining Reinvestment Fund, Mr. Weidig was a staff attorney at Philadelphia Volunteers for the Indigent, which included representing home owners participating in the Diversion Program.