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Policy Solutions Team

Elizabeth DeYoung
Mellon / ACLS Public Fellow

Elizabeth is a 2019 Mellon/ACLS Public Fellow at Reinvestment Fund. This competitive fellowship places recent humanities PhDs into selective posts in the public policy and nonprofit fields, demonstrating the value of academic research skills in a professional environment. As Policy Analyst, Elizabeth is working on a mixed-method project on evictions in Philadelphia, and a national study supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services to explore the impact of museums and libraries on social wellbeing in local communities.

Previously, Elizabeth was awarded a doctorate from the Institute of Irish Studies, University of Liverpool. Her thesis examined affordable housing provision, community development, and policy-making in post-conflict Northern Ireland. During her PhD, she also developed a research project through Liverpool Doctoral College focused on community outreach and urban economic regeneration. Elizabeth has received multiple academic awards, honors, and scholarships. She has authored research reports and peer-reviewed articles in the fields of urban geography and sociology.