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Policy Solutions Team

Michael Norton
Chief Policy Analyst

As Chief Policy Analyst at Reinvestment Fund, Dr. Norton supports all research related to Reinvestment Fund’s organizational goals and mission. Dr. Norton completed his doctoral studies in the Sociology Department at Temple University, where his research examined the relationship between secondary mortgage market activity and neighborhood change in the Philadelphia region at the turn of the 21st century.

Prior to joining Reinvestment Fund in 2015 Dr. Norton served as a Senior Research Associate at Research for Action in Philadelphia. In this role he led and co-led a range of mixed-methods evaluations of educational reform initiatives and policies at the local and state levels. His work included evaluations school turnaround efforts in the School District of Philadelphia, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, and multiple studies of the educational supports for incarcerated youth and adults in Pennsylvania. In this role he worked closely with a range of stakeholders, including private philanthropic organizations, local school districts, and state department officials in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New Hampshire. He has previously served as a lecturer in statistics and urban education at Temple University.