30 years of impact

house 20,650

homes—enough to house the city of Hoboken, New Jersey.

education 53,700 students

are educated at schools and early childhood education centers financed by TRF—that’s more than the Portland, OR, public school district.

5.9 million

MWh in conserved or created energy—enough to power every home in the city of Philadelphia for a year.

3.4 million

square feet of healthy food retail—the equivalent of 59 football fields.

shop 14.1 million

square feet of commercial space—more than three times the size of the Mall of America.


patient visits each year at community health centers—that’s 103 visits every hour for 12 hours, 7 days a week.


patient visits each year at community health centers—that’s 103 visits every hour for 12 hours, 7 days a week.

construction 67,000 jobs

more than three times the number of people who work in the Empire State Building every day.

30 Years of Investment


TRF Financing Transactions Closed in Calendar Year 2014:

$169.4 Million in 70 Transactions
Commercial Enterprise
  • ACE Hotel
  • The Chesapeake
  • Centre Theater *
  • Crane Arts *
  • Eastside III *
  • Springfield Avenue Marketplace
  • Square Development

Total: 16 Transactions

* Multiple Transactions
Community Resources
  • Cuyahoga Pay For Success
  • Drop Inn Men's Shelter *
  • Eastern Shore Land Conservancy *
  • Ecosave Services

Total: 10 Transactions

* Multiple Transactions
  • City Neighbors Charter School
  • Creative City Public Charter School
  • East Harlem Scholars Academy Charter School / East Harlem Tutorial Project *
  • Green Street Academy *
  • A Home Away from Home Christian Day Care
  • Imani Education Circle Charter School
  • Jersey City Community Charter School
  • Monarch Academy Charter School, Baltimore Campus *

Total: 19 Transactions

* Multiple Transactions
Food Commerce
  • ALDI Supermarkets (FL, OK, TX, VA) *
  • Artisan Exchange *
  • Costa’s Food Market
  • Fresh Grocer at Progress Plaza
  • Little Apple Market *
  • Newark Shoprite *
  • Vicente’s Tropical Grocery *

Total: 14 Transactions

* Multiple Transactions
  • Primary Health Network – Sharon *

Total: 6 Transactions

* Multiple Transactions
  • Community Asset Preservation Corp.
  • DePaul USA
  • Homes for All
  • New Kensington CDC
  • Scioto

Total: 5 Transactions


Financial Summary

Capital Under Management

Capital under management increased by $83 million to $788 million. Components of the growth include a $55 million closing on the CDFI Fund Bond Guarantee Program and a $43 million New Market Tax Credits allocation both from the U.S. Department of the Treasury, and $41 million in new bank credit facilities.

Loans & Leases Outstanding

Loans and leases outstanding totaled $233.3 million at December 31, 2014, an increase of $40.9 million over prior year. Net charge offs totaled $224 thousand, or .10% of total loans and leases outstanding.

Consolidated Net Assets

Net assets increased by $12 million to $149 million based on the strength of our operating and capital activities.


Financial Review

Select Financial Data ($ in Thousands)
TRF2014-Financials-ReviewHighlights TRF2014-Financials-ReviewHighlights TRF2014-Financials-ReviewHighlights TRF2014-Financials-ReviewHighlights TRF2014-Financials-ReviewHighlights
For a full set of financial statements, download the CY2014 audit report.