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Healthy families and communities have always been central to our work at Reinvestment Fund.

Some of our earliest loans were about creating safe and affordable housing, ensuring that families—many of them immigrants—and the local communities to which they contribute time and talents, could thrive.

As we reflect on our work in the shadow of the injustices being perpetrated on vulnerable people at our borders today, we are reminded more than ever of the centrality of family, opportunity and hope. It is why we are stricken and deeply offended by the intentionally harmful policies aimed at immigrant families, particularly children, in need.

Our mission at Reinvestment Fund is grounded in the belief that organized people, organized capital and organized data can align in transformative ways. But our work is undermined if organized people lack hope that positive change is possible, if organized capital loses faith that investments can move the needle, if organized data is challenged and displaced by falsehoods and deception.

We encourage you to seek out the relevant facts and data as you consider joining us in supporting the families who have come to us seeking refuge. It is not to our borders, but to US, as compassionate human beings, that they have come. Let us all be there for them—visible, empowered and humbled by their courage.



We can do more when we work together, and we can only solve problems we understand.


Transforming innovative ideas into action, Reinvestment Fund is investing in jobs, homes, and educational opportunities for those in need, and creating lasting impact in low-income communities throughout the country.


Low-income people and places have better access to the services and amenities they need to thrive.