Message From CEO & Chair

Dear Friends,

For nearly 30 years, TRF has worked to address our country’s most entrenched social problems—poor educational attainment and poor health, too few supermarkets, limited health care options, lack of quality schools or affordable places to live. And we’ve done this by connecting low-income communities to information and the financial and physical resources needed to effect change and create new opportunities.

John and Don

Don Hinkle-Brown, President and CEO (left)
John S. Summers, Chairman of the Board (right)

We connect people to the resources they need to lead healthy lives. Over 62,000 jobs created. Almost 50,000 educational opportunities for low-income children. Over 12.6 million square feet of commercial space, and 133 healthy food stores. In 2013 alone, we invested $121 million in 44 community-building projects from affordable homes to community health centers and new supermarkets.

We connect public and private capital to projects and initiatives that serve the public good. Today, TRF has a $182 million portfolio of healthy food investments that connect underserved communities to healthy food options—the largest of its kind in the country. Cities, states and the federal government have replicated our pioneering fresh food financing initiative that began in Pennsylvania. This year, with funding from JPMorgan Chase, TRF’s new initiative, ReFresh, is taking our expertise in healthy food financing to Colorado, Florida, Ohio and Northern California and the Central Valley.

TRF’s new initiative, ReFresh, is taking our expertise in healthy food financing to Colorado, Florida, Ohio and Northern California and the Central Valley.

We connect data to decisions and action. Dozens of cities and states across the country use our analysis of residential markets to guide redevelopment. Our Market Value Analyses (MVA) helped shape the city of Pittsburgh’s redevelopment strategy in the East Liberty neighborhood, and informed Baltimore’s Vacants to Value initiative. In 2013, we completed new MVAs for Houston, TX, Milwaukee, WI, and St. Louis, MO. Our data mapping platform,, continues to connect individuals, nonprofits, research institutions and governments to the data they need to make smart decisions on where to invest scarce resources. By the end of 2013, PolicyMap had over 38,000 users.

And we connect capacities, because through partnerships we accomplish more than we could alone. Much of our work would be neither possible nor effective without the support and guidance of those who live in the community. As the oldest national network of community organizers, the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) and its affiliates have been invaluable partners in achieving our shared goals and aspirations in communities from Philadelphia to Baltimore and Jersey City. In Baltimore, our decade-long partnership with IAF affiliate Baltimoreans United In Leadership (BUILD) has combated neighborhood decline and reduced abandoned properties in our target areas from 35% to 8% in 6 years.

None of this would be possible without our investors. The 850 individuals, public sector agencies, philanthropies and institutions that invest in TRF make this work possible. If we can count you among them—thank you. Our impact is greater today because of our work together. If not, we urge you to invest in TRF. Join us and build a stronger, healthier nation.

Don hinkle-brown
President and CEO
john s. summers, esq.
Chairman of the Board
In 2013 alone, we invested more than $121 million in 44 community-building projects.