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About our Financing


Capital is the critical resource that allows communities to have safe housing, quality schools, businesses with living-wage jobs, good health care, and access fair credit. But biased policies, both public and private, have intentionally concentrated wealth and opportunity in some communities, and withheld it from others — particularly communities of color. Finance is too often an agent of growing divides.

At Reinvestment Fund, we believe finance can and should be an agent of positive change and equitable growth for all communities.

As a mission-driven financial institution, we work to bring capital into communities and to businesses and organizations that have been systematically denied fair credit by the traditional capital sources. And we support entrepreneurs with big ideas who struggle to access capital because their social networks aren’t wealthy, or because their backgrounds don’t match the biased expectations of traditional lenders.

Our borrowers build quality affordable housing, educate students, care for children, and operate grocery stores and other businesses that create quality jobs. They provide physical and mental health care, job training, and other essential services.

Since our founding, we have put more than $2.7 billion to work for good—investing in projects that are both targeted and transformative, and igniting opportunity at scale for communities across the country.

We lend across the country in support of