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Remembering Lee Casper
Posted July 28, 2016

It is with heavy hearts that we note the passing our colleague and friend, Lee Casper. Lee Casper spent his career investing and working in affordable housing. As a member of Reinvestment Fund’s Board and Loan Committee, he worked to revitalize neighborhoods throughout this region.

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Featured Publication
Targeting Investment in the Arts: Part 2
Published 2016

Artists value the process of remaking space and help reveal the potential for recovery inherent in many urban neighborhoods. In both the redevelopment of discrete buildings and incremental renewal of large districts, they provide entrepreneurial energy to the task of preserving something old through the development of something new.

In Baltimore, Reinvestment Fund is developing a strategy to target investment in the arts to low-income communities in Central Baltimore, where it can catalyze and build on other complementary efforts. For one year, our Creative Placemaking Fellow, Rebecca Chan, is charged with the task of developing best practices for financing the arts in distressed neighborhoods in ways that build community among both new and existing residents. The following is the second in a three part series on her work. Part  took a quick look at some of the arts and artist-driven activity that is happening in and around one Baltimore neighborhood and the ways that these kinds of activities and artistic practices are shaping the revitalization of neighborhoods across the city. Part 2 explores the physical spaces in which this activity is taking place.