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Kevin Reeves

Director of Impact & Portfolio Analytics

As Reinvestment Fund’s Impact Analyst, Kevin Reeves assesses the outcomes and impacts of Reinvestment Fund’s loans, grants, and New Markets Tax Credits investments. Additionally, he completed the 2018 update to Reinvestment Fund’s Limited Supermarket Access (LSA) Analysis and a case study evaluation of Colorado Enterprise Fund’s Fresh Food Lending program. Mr. Reeves is the author or co-author of Assessing Place-Based Access to Healthy Food: The Limited Supermarket Access (LSA) Analysis, Linking the Network: Colorado Enterprise Fund’s Partnerships to Improve Colorado’s Food System through Healthy Food Financing to Small Businesses, and Growing a Healthy Food Financing Program: ReFresh and Colorado Enterprise Fund.

Previously he supported Reinvestment Fund as a project consultant, writing regional retail grocery market structure and food access analyses for the JP Morgan Chase-supported ReFresh Initiative, compiling community demographic and economic profiles for the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation, cleaning and processing data for the 2016 Selma Market Value Analysis (MVA) and the 2015 New Orleans MVA, and designing the Strategic Acquisition Plan report for the Philadelphia Neighborhood Gardens Trust.