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A Prospective Study of the Spatial and Economic Connections within New England’s Meat Industry

Topic Healthy Food

In 2016, Reinvestment Fund conducted the Supply Chain Matrix (SCM) analysis for the red meat industry in New England. Reinvestment Fund originally developed the Supply Chain Matrix (SCM) in 2013 to better understand the food production system and identify opportunities at multiple stages in the food supply chain to promote access to healthy, sustainable food. With ongoing support from the Surdna Foundation, and in partnership with the Maine Sustainable Agriculture Society (MESAS) and Broad Reach Fund, the updated SCM was developed to analyze the red meat supply chain, with a particular focus on Maine. The SCM identified the existence of substantial gaps in the capacity of New England meat slaughtering and processing industries. The SCM is being used as a tool to provide actionable information for industry decision makers, local food advocates, and policy makers working to create efficiencies within local food markets.

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