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News January 8, 2021

The People’s House

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Our nation witnessed terror as a mob stormed the U.S. Capitol to disrupt the validation of the 2020 presidential election on January 6th. Our beautiful Capitol building and the democratic process did not instill awe or respect as it should. Instead we saw the crowd bring vandalism, Confederate flags, weapons and violence. The act was shameful and unpatriotic.

We urge lawmakers and law enforcement authorities to hold accountable those who participated in and incited this violence.

The events also underscored what is hard to ignore. First, that ground was ceded to this illegal and violent mob over and over. Contrast that with the unarmed peaceful BLM protests this summer that were met with near constant police and military violence. Second, we saw ample video evidence that some of the security forces were welcoming of and embracing the mob, restrained in the use of force. White privilege, bigotry and institutional racism were on full display.

Many find it hard to see the 400-year long trail that has led to today’s widely prevalent racism. Many forget the unfinished business of reconstruction and the political myths used to conceal and mask the shame of human slavery. On January 6th a treasonous horde ripped off that mask, revealed those false myths, and showed us our unfinished urgent business as a nation.

Democracy and Justice must prevail, and we at Reinvestment Fund, as an anti-racist organization, are committed to working toward the much-needed progress that this country and its people desire and deserve.

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