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Meet our Board of Directors



Board of Directors

  • Saul A. Behar

    Board Chair University City Science Center
  • Dudley Benoit

    Finance Committee Chair Alliant Capital
  • Marland Buckner

    MB2 Solutions
  • Phyllis B. Cater

    Community Advisory Chair Healthcare Consultant
  • Michael Davis

    Governance Committee Chair Purpose Built Schools
  • Ivy Dench-Carter

  • Elizabeth C. Detwiler, Esq.

    Audit Committee Chair FS Investments
  • Raquel Favela

    National Development Council
  • Cynthia Figueroa

    JEVS Human Services
  • Melissa Weiler Gerber

  • Daniel Hayes, CPA

    Ernst & Young LLP (Retired)
  • Don Hinkle-Brown

    Reinvestment Fund
  • Vicki Lundy Wilbon

  • Katherine O’Regan

    Policy Advisory Chair NYU Wagner and Furman Center
  • Wendell Pritchett

    University of Pennsylvania
  • Raymond Skinner

    Loan Committee Chair Skinner Consulting Services
  • Sandeep Wadhwa, MD

    3M Health Information Systems

Community Advisory Board

  • Daniel Betancourt

    Community First Fund
  • Phyllis Cater

  • Michael Davis

    Sheltering Arms
  • Gabriella DiFilippo

    KIPP New Jersey
  • Rose Gray

    Asociación Puertorriqueños en Marcha Inc.
  • Daniel Gura

    Habitat International
  • Vandell Hampton, Jr.

    True Access Capital
  • Melissa Weiler Gerber

  • Jeannine Jacokes

    Partners for the Common Good
  • Robert Jenkins

    Renaissance Equity Partners
  • David Kahley

    The Progress Fund
  • Trinita Logue

    Arc LLC
  • Lori Matheus

    New Jersey Economic Development Authority
  • Andrea Thomas-Reynolds

    Insight Education Group
  • Beverly Woods

    City of Philadelphia – Health and Human Services

Policy Advisory Board

  • Amanda Beswick

  • Charlie Branas

    Columbia University
  • Marland Buckner

    MB2 Solutions
  • Amy Crews Cutts

    IXI Corporation
  • George Galster

    Wayne State University
  • Jeff Hebert

    HR&A Advisors, Inc.
  • Karen Leone de Nie

    Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
  • Katherine O’Regan

    Chair NYU Wagner and Furman Center
  • Wendell Pritchett

    University of Pennsylvania
  • Nicolas P. Retsinas

    Harvard Business School
  • Katharine Stevens

    American Enterprise Institute
  • John S. Summers

    Hangley Aronchick Segal Pudlin & Schiller

Sustainable Development Fund Board of Directors

  • Alex Dews

    Delaware Valley Green Building Council
  • Michael Freeman

    Emerald Energy Consulting
  • Matthew Madia

    Bridgeway Capital
  • Sonny Popowsky

    retired (former Consumer Advocate of Pennsylvania)
  • Rich Schlesinger

    PECO Energy Company
  • Christina Simeone

    Kleinman Center for Energy Policy
  • Sidharth Singh

    Strategic Finance Group
  • Lori Van der Voort

    PWI Engineering
  • Sherif Youssef

    Philadelphia Gas Works

Our Affiliated Companies


The PolicyMap’s Board of Directors is listed below. A complete listing of PolicyMap staff is available on their team page.

  • Mark Zandi

    Chair Moody’s Analytics
  • Robert Keith

    Benefit Director TL Ventures
  • Saul Behar

    University City Science Center
  • Phyllis B. Cater

    Healthcare Consultant
  • Marcy Feldman Rost

    Independence Blue Cross
  • Donald Hinkle-Brown

    Reinvestment Fund
  • Sandeep Wadhwa, MD

    3M Health Information Systems
  • Jaron Waldman

    Curbside, Inc.

ReBuild Metro

ReBuild Metro (formerly known as TRF Development Partners) Board of Directors is listed below. A listing of staff is available on their team page.

  • Rev. Calvin Keene

    Chairperson Memorial Baptist Church
  • Rob English

    Vice Chairperson Industrial Areas Foundation
  • Dana Johnson

    Secretary Homes for America
  • Tad Glenn

    Treasurer Rouse Company (Retired)
  • Peter Bain

    OM Asset Management (Retired)
  • Julie Day

    Community Development Consultant
  • Janet Harvey

    Community Volunteer
  • Rev. Marshal Prentice

    Zion Baptist Church
  • Archie Reed

    A.B. Reed and Associates, LLC
  • Dr. Erica Shelton

    Johns Hopkins
  • Karen Stokes

    The Brownstone Project
  • Nancy Wagner-Hislip

    Reinvestment Fund