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Clean Energy


Reinvestment Fund has long been committed to investments that both support thriving communities and are sustainable for the environment. The following are some ongoing loan funds to support a broad variety of projects from wind farms to energy-efficient retrofits.

Pennsylvania Green Energy Loan Fund (GELF)

The Pennsylvania Green Energy Loan Fund (GELF), created and managed by Reinvestment Fund with funding provided in part by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, is now open to finance energy conservation and efficiency improvements to buildings across Pennsylvania.


Sustainable Development Fund (SDF)

Reinvestment Fund’s Sustainable Development Fund (SDF) offers innovative financing to support projects that include: energy conservation and energy efficiency; renewable energy; and other advanced clean energy technologies.

Sustainable Development Fund

Baltimore Energy Initiative (BEI) Loan Program

Experience shows that building owners can make cost-effective energy improvements that will improve comfort, lower utility bills and benefit the environment. The mission of the Baltimore Energy Initiative Loan Program is to help building owners understand, finance and implement a range of energy measures to reduce energy waste in their buildings.

For more information, contact

Reema Fakih
Managing Director, National Lending