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Impact Story November 22, 2023

Closing the Opportunity Gap: Everytable’s Social Equity Franchise Fund

Impact Story August 15, 2023

Feeding Tampa Bay: Hunger Relief Center


The Pay for Success Fund is supporting the Bridge House, Ready for Work project


The Fight for Metropolitan Philadelphia: An Agenda

A follow-up to Flight or Fight, this agenda proposes three tangible state policy shifts that would have an immediate and significant impact on the region’s growth patterns.


Workforce and Economic Development: An Agenda for Pennsylvania’s Next Governor

This gubernatorial campaign briefing paper outlines six major workforce system reforms designed to align the Commonwealth’s billion-dollar workforce system with its economic development objectives.


Workforce 2002: Measuring What Matters

This report argues that Pennsylvania needs a comprehensive performance management approach to its workforce programs so that they can be effectively evaluated and improved. The report proposes an evaluation framework and a model for an Annual Report on Pennsylvania’s Workforce Investment System.


Flight (or) Fight: Metropolitan Philadelphia and Its Future

Metropolitan Philadelphia is a place with extraordinary assets. It should be a region of choice, but it’s not. Our region has seen minimal population growth and alarmingly low job growth. What’s growing most rapidly is sprawl, and it’s hurting our region. It’s time to think differently and make some big, positive changes.


Workforce: Responding to the Challenge

This report provides quantitative and qualitative data to forecast employer hiring needs in information technology and customer service occupations. It concludes that both these occupations cut across all industries and that the demand for these workers would continue based on favorable economic growth.


Workforce 2000: An Annual Report on the Greater Philadelphia’s Labor Market

This report analyzed the demand for and supply of labor in the Philadelphia region and described the gaps that need to be addressed.