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Stormwater Solutions

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Reinvestment Fund financing is helping Greenprint Partners (GP) to scale innovative environmental solutions in low-income neighborhoods.

GP is a woman-owned, mission-oriented infrastructure development firm that focuses on delivering green stormwater infrastructure solutions, including raingardens, bioswales, underground storage, permeable pavement, structured stormwater planters and green roofs, to underserved communities.

A certified B Corporation, GP uses stormwater analysis and manages relationships with property owners, utility companies and subcontractors to deploy green stormwater infrastructure in urban communities.

Green stormwater infrastructure helps to mitigate outdated water infrastructure and changing weather patterns that lead to increased urban flooding and water pollution, all of which disproportionately impact low-income communities. By working closely with utilities or water authorities, community organizations and private landowners, GP is developing stormwater solutions that reduce runoff and overflow while enhancing community livability.

Reinvestment Fund is extending a line of credit to support GP projects in a variety of markets, with initial funding for projects in St. Louis, MO, where GP has multiple contracted projects already underway. Our loan supports the installation of stormwater infrastructure on private properties, bridging receipt of the city’s green infrastructure incentive grants.

GP explicitly targets low-to-moderate income census tracts and engages with property-owning partners that have high proportions of impervious infrastructure and that otherwise would not have the resources to navigate the process of securing rebates and managing the installation of stormwater infrastructure. GP also builds public private partnerships to deliver green infrastructure by designing, building and maintaining green stormwater infrastructure for the long term that meets a community’s specifications.

GP has completed similar work with success in Philadelphia, PA; San Francisco, CA; Youngstown, OH; and Peoria, IL.

In 2017, Kresge Foundation released a “Climate Resilient & Equitable Water Systems Capital Scan” report, which identified that inadequate investment in aging infrastructure leaves low-income communities particularly vulnerable to climate threats, which includes people who are most negatively impacted by temporary loss of income, dislocation or need to repair following a flood. Kresge identified green stormwater infrastructure and planning as high in investment opportunity.

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