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News September 8, 2016

A New Look at Middle Neighborhoods

“Middle Neighborhoods” or middle markets are an important focus for many of the cities in which we have conducted MVAs. These areas fall somewhere on the MVA spectrum from relatively strong to showing only modest levels of distress. They are home to many city residents, oftentimes the majority of a city’s population, and they tend to be more racially integrated than other parts of cities. But they are generally not places where federal programs or philanthropic attention is focused.

A new volume, edited by Community of Practice member Paul Brophy, focuses on middle neighborhoods: their characteristics, challenges, and opportunities for future development. One of the chapters, which we previewed for you last year, was written by Reinvestment Fund’s own Ira GoldsteinBill Schrecker, MBA/MSWJacob Rosch. It describes the characteristics of middle neighborhoods in several Community of Practice cities.

Take a look:

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