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News March 15, 2016

A Preview of the Reinvestment Fund’s Chapter on Middle Neighborhoods

Topic Housing

Making informed choices about neighborhood improvement strategies is an important agenda item for city governments and other stakeholders concerned with neighborhood improvement. Over the past eight months, I have been working with the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank and the American Assembly, to produce a book of readings from experts regarding neighborhood improvement strategies in America’s legacy cities.

The volume of readings will be published later this year in two formats. The first will be as a volume of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco’s Community Development Investment Review, of which David Erickson is the publication’s editor. The second will be in book form, published by the American Assembly at Columbia University.

The chapter by Ira Goldstein William Schrecker, and Jacob Rosch previewed here provides an essential overview of “middle neighborhoods” in select legacy cities. It’s a very illuminating piece of scholarship to which many of you contributed. Your feedback on the chapter would be greatly appreciated

Our thanks to the JP Morgan Chase Foundation for sponsoring this chapter.


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