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Estimating the Supply and Demand for Child Care in Newark, NJ

Geography New Jersey

High-quality early learning experiences support positive child development and help prepare children for success in school and beyond. Quality child care is also critical for families, as it allows parents to maintain employment. To better understand gaps in the supply of child care, and high-quality care in particular, Reinvestment Fund conducted a study of the supply and demand for child care in Newark to identify underserved areas. Findings from the analysis are provided in this report. With support from the Foundation for Newark’s Future (FNF), Reinvestment Fund created an interactive web-based tool based on this analysis, accessible at, which shows the supply of and demand for childcare. That tool also identifies where gaps in total and high-quality childcare exists throughout the city. With this information, funders, practitioners, and child care advocates can make data-informed decisions about where resources and interventions are needed most.

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Philadelphia Home Appraisal Bias Task Force Report and Recommendations

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Philadelphia Home Appraisal Bias Task Force Issues Final Report and Recommendations

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