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News May 13, 2017

Food for Thought: Changing Supermarket Access in Your Cities

Since 2014, Reinvestment Fund has been working with cities and organizations around the country to accelerate the creation of new healthy food options in underserved communities. This partnership, called ReFresh (, has led to the creation of new data tools and market reports designed to help communities target healthy food investments. The most popular of these is the Limited Supermarket Access (LSA) analysis, which identifies areas with inequitable and inadequate access to food retail. Related to the LSA is our leakage analysis which estimates the financial capacity of an area and its residents to support a new or expanded supermarket.

Organizations around the country use the LSA to target healthy food investments. As a service to you, we created the attached workbook to show how the population in LSA areas has changed over time in each of your cities. For cities with an MVA, we have also created tables showing how LSA areas have changed within different MVA market types.

The attached data is current until 2014, but we are currently working to create an update of these data. Take a look and let us know what you think!
dropbox link to excel sheet:

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