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Lillie May Carroll Jackson Charter School

Geography Maryland

Reinvestment Fund financing helped develop a facility for an all-girls middle school in Baltimore.

Lillie May Carroll Jackson Charter School (LMCJ) is named for an African American civil rights leader, activist and businesswoman, who was also head of the Maryland NAACP. The school offers a supportive 21st century learning environment for girls to reach their maximum potential through rigorous academic course work, character development and leadership opportunities.

LMCJ was established as a partnership between Baltimore City Schools and the independent Roland Park Country School (RPCS). When it opened in the 2015-2016 school year, it became the first charter in the nation granted to an independent school founding group. RPCS continues to partner with the school, providing governance, programming and financial support.

The school was originally housed in a leased property that it began to outgrow. In 2019, thanks in part to financing from Reinvestment Fund, LMCJ moved into its permanent home in East Baltimore, where it will grow from serving 285 to 350 5th to 8th grade girls. The 58,000+ square foot facility was built in 1975 and initially served as a special curriculum high school. The vacant property was included in the East Baltimore revitalization project master plan by the Southern Baptist Church initiative. The school building is adjacent to the newly renovated Rita Church Community Center in East Baltimore.

LMCJ is the only all-girl middle grade public school option in Baltimore and offers students the opportunity to attend a quality public school with a curriculum similar to an independent school. Approximately 89% of its current students qualify for free or reduced-price lunch.

Several local community partners came together to help the school acquire its building including the City of Baltimore, the State of Maryland, Under Armour, Bauer Foundation and France-Merrick Foundation. The Abell Foundation is providing a guarantee for a portion of Reinvestment Fund’s financing.

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