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National Healthy Food Financing Initiative

Topic Healthy Food
Geography Multi State
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Partnering with PolicyLink and The Food Trust, Reinvestment Fund has worked with policymakers and advocates to push for a smart, sustainable way to invest in healthy food and good jobs in underserved communities.

The national Healthy Food Financing Initiative is a viable, effective, and economically sustainable solution to the problem of limited access to healthy foods and can achieve multiple goals: reducing health disparities and improving the health of families and children; creating jobs; and stimulating local economic development in low-income communities. This is a smart investment in the health and economic well-being of the country and its citizens. As part of this effort, PolicyLink, The Food Trust and Reinvestment Fund are also working together to promote healthy food and healthy economies through priorities in food and agricultural policy.

In 2013, Reinvestment Fund along with PolicyLink and The Food Trust launched the Healthy Food Access Portal, an online gateway to information and resources for communities and policymakers working to improve access to healthy food. The portal provides resources designed to improve healthy food access in communities, build local economies, and enhance public health.

The portal highlights successful food retail models as well as webinars, case studies and reports. Additionally, the portal offers a discussion board and listings of relevant grants and loans.

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