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News June 2022

Welcome to Our Summer 2022 Interns

Reinvestment Fund Welcomes Our Summer 2022 Interns

Reinvestment Fund accepts a variety of interns throughout the year and accepts workstudy applicants too. For the summer of 2022, we are pleased to welcome seven interns throughout the organization.

Chetan Gupta, Finance

Chetan is pursing a Master in Finance at Drexel University. He joins the Finance and Accounting department where he works on financial analysis and budgeting.

Chetan hopes learn about how the budgeting process works on a monthly basis and how financial analysis will be helpful to achieve business requirements. He was attracted to Reinvestment Fund because of our lending process. “I like the idea of how through the lending process, the organization assists different communities in their growth process.”

Chetan Gupta | LinkedIn


Gabe Orduna, Policy Solutions

Gabe Orduna is completing a Masters of City Planning at the University of Pennsylvania. He is interning for the summer with the Policy Solutions Department. He is working on ramping up his mapping and data analysis skills on a housing related project.

He hopes to learn about what it is like to work in this field to inform the rest of his time at UPenn and his career that will follow. So far, Gabe has learned the ins and out of the metrics by which Reinvestment Fund analysis housing markets for cities and has enjoyed working with, “intelligent and passionate people on real world topics.”

Previously, Gabe received a B.S. in Community and Environmental Sociology.

Gabriel Orduña | LinkedIn

Isabel Mehta, Policy Solutions

Isabel is majoring in English with a minor in Economics at Harvard University. Interning with Policy Solutions, Isabel is primarily working to package some of the team’s research results for op-eds and other formats, such as their work on early childhood education enrollment decline. She is also researching and collaborating on a literature review for the LSA (Limited Supermarket Access) analysis.

She hopes to improve upon her research and writing skills and, of course, develop a better understanding of the economic and social measures that Reinvestment Fund uses to evaluate the state of our urban and rural communitiesbecoming a more educated and aware person because of it.

Isabel wanted to join Reinvestment Fund primarily because of our work in policy research as it pertains to housing, food, and education.

“The research Reinvestment Fund is doing, both data-drive and qualitative, is so important to help local and national governments understand where to direct financial capital, social programs, etc. It is so exciting to be a part of that work.”

Isabel Mehta | LinkedIn

Katie Brown, Accounting

Katie Brown is majoring in Accounting and Temple University and is interning with Reinvestment Fund’s Accounting Department. She is assisting the Accounts Payable Department with daily assignments. She will also help Accounting and Finance work on various projects. Katie is hoping to learn more about the accounting industry and obtain real-world experience.

As an intern last summer, Katie enjoyed being apart of the organization. “During this time, I not only gained real-world experience, but also a lot of knowledge about the industry. Additionally, I feel strongly about Reinvestment Fund’s mission. It makes everyday work feel meaningful.”

Katie Brown | LinkedIn

Luke Wilder, Capital Access & Capacity Building – Health Access

Luke Wilder is currently pursuing a MBA/MPH at Yale University. Previously, he obtained a BS in Systems Engineering & Applied Mathematics at Washington University in St. Louis.

He is interning with Capacity Building and Capital Access (Programs). Luke’s main project this summer will be to help build a framework for the future of Reinvestment Fund’s SDoH programs. Through this project, he is excited to explore how to better align the goals of the community health programs with the larger healthcare industry.

Luke has always been interested in CDFIs as a way to combine his two areas of studies (business and public health) to think about ways of increasing funding towards improving community health and addressing health disparities.

“I really appreciate Reinvestment Fund’s approach that spans across the capital access continuum, and working on the SDoH programs felt like an exciting opportunity to see how to combine these financial resources with other holistic support to effectively drive system change.”

Luke Wilder | LinkedIn

Octavia Geiger, Policy Solutions

Octavia Geiger is pursing a Master of Public Policy at Temple University. She previously obtained a BA in Political Science at Arcadia University. She is interning with Policy Solutions, working on a range of projects such as: New Markets Tax Credits, Philadelphia’s MVA, Right to council/eviction diversion, food justice/supermarket access, and childcare. She hopes to learn how to create data visualizations to show how to understand a policy issue.

Octavia cares about the longevity of historically marginalized communities, and is interested in the role that CDFIs play in shaping a community.

“I believe that interning at Reinvestment Fund would allow me to learn how to create meaningful change and gain invaluable skills along the way.”

Octavia G. | LinkedIn

Simran Arora, PolicyMap

Simran Arora is pursing a Master in City Planning, Sustainable Transportation & Infrastructure Planning at the University of Pennsylvania. She is interning with PolicyMap, and working on the collection, processing and documentation of various datasets for PolicyMap’s platform.

Quantitative analysis, GIS classes, and PolicyMap’s platform piqued her interest in applying for this internship. Simran hopes to learn how they are processed and how they can be represented, especially through the lens of social justice and equality. Looking at how data overlaps has proven to be one of her biggest interests.

“Exposure to these datasets and sources has already been rewarding in terms of building knowledge, and I hope to learn much more about how the platform works and what goes into making big updates, analytics, and similar decisions.”

Simran Arora | LinkedIn


If you are a student looking for an internship opportunity, consider Reinvestment Fund. Reinvestment Fund can be a great learning experience — a chance to work with and learn from some of the best in this field. To be considered for an internship, complete the internship application.

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