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News August 2023

Spotlight on Our Summer 2023 Interns

Reinvestment Fund accepts a variety of interns throughout the year and accepts workstudy applicants too. For the summer of 2023, we are pleased to spotlight our interns throughout the organization.

Katie Brown, Accounting

For the past two years, Katie has interned with the accounting department where she assists with general accounting responsibilities, including banking reconciliations, journal entries, accounts payable, and daily cash applications, in addition to supporting staff with NetSuite.

“I have really enjoyed the projects that I’ve worked on and the people that I’ve worked with,” she said. “I am interested in learning more about accounting while obtaining real-world experience. I also feel strongly about Reinvestment Fund’s mission, and it makes every day work feel meaningful.”

She is pursuing a Master of Accountancy from Temple University, where she also received a bachelor’s degree.

Attending Temple University has given her the unique experience of living near communities where Reinvestment Fund provides support. “It is inspiring and rewarding to work for an organization while getting to see the positive impact it has on local communities.”

Katie Brown | LinkedIn

Sofia Fasullo, Policy Solutions

Sofia Fasullo is pursuing a Masters of City Planning and Urban Spatial Analytics at the University of Pennsylvania. This summer, she is interning with the Policy Solutions Department, where she will be creating maps for various projects, cleaning and modeling housing data for the Market Value Analysis reports, helping with research documentation, and learning more about Reinvestment Fund.

Before creating models to classify housing market quality and strength in a particular city, staff at Policy Solutions go to the city and drive through the neighborhoods with local officials to see if their data predictions look correct, and a second time to see if their final classes look correct, she said. “I think this goes to show how thorough the Policy Solutions team is with their work, and how much they care about practical application, not just mathematical accuracy. I find this inspirational.”

Sofia Fasullo | LinkedIn

Chetan Gupta, Finance

Chetan recently completed a Master in Finance at Drexel University and is preparing for the Level III CFA exam.

He worked with the Finance, Impact and Data Analytics, and Portfolio Management Teams. Chetan hopes to learn about how the budgeting process works on a monthly basis and how financial analysis will be helpful to achieve business requirements. “I believe the journey is going to be a very good learning experience.”

Chetan Gupta | LinkedIn

Karim Moukrem, IT

Karim is majoring in Information Science and Technology at Pennsylvania State University. He is interning with the IT department, where is able to learn more about the IT industry and gain hands-on experience. He is primarily responsible for setting up new computers, cutting down on vulnerabilities, answering help desk tickets that are submitted by clients and PowerShell. So far, the experience has taught him “how important it is to navigate customer service practices during some of our help desk issues.”

Karim Moukrem | LinkedIn

Solomon Stewart, Social Determinants of Health (SDoH)

Solomon Stewart is pursuing a master’s in community development from Temple University.  This experience at Reinvestment Fund has allowed him to learn more about CDFIs and the work that they do. He is conducting research on ways the SDoH team could potentially make an impact in communities through place-based investment, in addition to helping with various other tasks within the program.

Through this internship, Solomon has learned that there is a difference in what engagement looks like on the local level (direct engagement) versus engagement from an intermediary’s perspective such as a CDFI.

“It has been an extreme pleasure working alongside my team and the other programs within the organization,” he said. “The knowledge and experience that I’ve gained while being here has been valuable.”

Solomon Stewart | LinkedIn

If you are a student looking for an internship opportunity, consider Reinvestment Fund. Reinvestment Fund can be a great learning experience — a chance to work with and learn from some of the best in this field. To be considered for an internship, complete the internship application.

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