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News October 18, 2022

The Food Lenders Network (FLN)

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Philadelphia, PA, October 18, 2022 – The Food Lenders Network, a national network of over 20 mission-driven lenders focused on creating a more just, equitable and resilient food system, announces the launch of their new website. Created in 2021 by Self-Help and Reinvestment Fund, with support from W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the practitioner network fosters collaboration between lenders to improve access to capital for food system businesses across the food supply chain.

Visit the FLN website to learn more about the network and become a member:

These investments advance environmental sustainability; affordable, culturally-appropriate food; and racial equity. With decades of experience in healthy food financing, FLN members support each other through mutual learning, shared research, partnership, and coordinated advocacy. Visit the FLN website to learn more about the network and become a member:




Reinvestment Fund is a mission-driven financial institution committed to making communities work for all people. We bring financial and analytical tools to partnerships that work to ensure that everyone has access to essential opportunities: affordable places to live, access to nutritious food and health care, schools where their children can flourish, and strong, local businesses that support jobs. We use data to understand markets, communities, and impediments to opportunity—and how investment and policy decisions can have the most powerful impact. Since our inception in 1985, Reinvestment Fund has provided over $2.7 billion in financing to strengthen neighborhoods, scale social enterprises, and build resilient communities. Learn more at


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