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News August 28, 2023

Standing in Solidarity with Edward Waters University and the Jacksonville Community

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Reinvestment Fund’s Official Statement on the Racially-Motivated Shooting in Jacksonville, Florida

For Immediate Release: August 28, 2023  |  Contact:

Our thoughts are with families and friends mourning the loss of Angela Carr, Anolt “A.J.” Laguerre Jr., and Jarrald Gallion, whose lives were lost during a racially motivated shooting on Saturday, August 26th. Edward Waters University—a historically black university established over a century ago to expand higher education to Black students—was also targeted before this horrific event. 

We are heartbroken, deeply angered, and disturbed by this act of violence aimed towards the Black community. We condemn this hateful incident and other racially charged threats aimed at HBCUs over the years. Racists, namely those rooted in ideas of white supremacy, continue to traumatize the Black community—becoming more galvanized as our country’s historical understanding of racism is distorted, and violent behavior, rhetoric and access to lethal weapons remain unchecked. 

The EWU rapid response safety system involving students and law enforcement inspires a hopeful vision for increased protection around HBCU campuses. We commend the security detail led by Lt. Antonio Bailey, which delivered swift action, containing the on-campus threat and ensuring the safety of students. We also stand with University President A. Zachary Faison Jr., calling for collaborative support from businesses, the philanthropic community, and federal and state legislatures to fund increased security at HBCUs. 

Reinvestment Fund is devoted to investing in institutions such as EWU, looking to grow, fortify, and secure the safety and futures of Black students, faculty, and surrounding communities. Standing in solidarity with EWU and the Jacksonville community, we offer our support and resources as we continue to collectively build a stronghold against people and ideals that seek to unravel peace, stifle social progress, and threaten national security.   


For press inquiries, reach Tiffany Patterson, Managing Director of Strategic Communications at:

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