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News March 29, 2023

Groundbreaking of The Trust at East Lake

Topic Housing
Geography Georgia

Statement from Khaliff Davis, Managing Director of Structured Finance at Reinvestment Fund, in response to the groundbreaking of The Trust at East Lake, an affordable housing development led by Atlanta Land Trust  

“We are excited to partner with Atlanta Land Trust (ALT) to expand affordable housing in the greater Atlanta community. Our financing, in collaboration with Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership (ANDP), will enable ALT to construct a new, permanently affordable 40-unit townhome development in the city’s East Lake community. Mission-aligned with community and city partners, Reinvestment Fund advances resources to ensure that infrastructure within our city reflects the promise of a more equitable future. 

Supporting ALT through our investment in The Trust at East Lake manifests several commitments Reinvestment Fund pursues as our mission to build strong, healthy, and more equitable communities. For instance, The Trust at East Lake—as with many of our investments—models our ability to offer flexible solutions that meet the needs of the community partners we work with. Successful deployment of our capital required time and attention to the details of this project that many mainstream financial institutions wouldn’t have provided, especially during a global pandemic and the market turbulence that resulted.  

Addressing our city’s housing affordability crisis requires fresh approaches to building and owning homes—approaches that value stability over volatility. Knowing that our investment enables attainable ownership for families in this generation and future generations through ALT’s permanent affordable housing model is truly exciting and affirms our values.   

We further our mission when we can align ourselves with key community partners who act on what they hear expressed by the communities they serve. ALT has shown a genuine interest in seeking input from those affected by their work and ensuring community representation in governance through their board so that all their decision-making is informed by what communities need most. Reinvestment Fund places a premium on the level of community building ALT aspires to and seeks to support this work into the future. Together we will continue to reimagine how community development vitalizes economic growth and opportunity for all.” 

For more information, contact

Khaliff Davis
Managing Director, Fund Management

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