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Throughout its history, the Pennsylvania’s HEMAP has received great acclaim for its design and impact. HEMAP is a program that was designed to provide temporary assistance to families who, through not fault of their own, were seriously delinquent with their home mortgage.

Reinvestment Fund released a Research Brief titled “What if Pennsylvania Had Not Had HEMAP?” in 2012. At the time, Pennsylvania, like much of the United States, was climbing out of the throes of one of the most significant recessions in our nation’s history.

This Research Brief follows the impact of the program since that time. This Brief builds on annual counts of applications and loans, and attaches a financial impact to the saving of thousands of mortgage foreclosures that HEMAP prevents in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. With the decline in foreclosures and general improvement in the financial condition of the Commonwealth’s residents and housing and mortgage markets since 2012, HEMAP application and origination volume has dropped off. But with an annual operating cost of under $3 million per year for staff, counseling and program administration, HEMAP continues to have an impact across the Commonwealth that exceeds many times its cost.

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