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News April 4, 2016

New Data Tool to Measure Access to Early Childhood Education

Although it’s not directly related to real estate, I thought the group might be interested in some new tools we just released to map and measure access to early childhood education. Improving access to high quality education is a critical part of making cities and neighborhoods more desirable places to live. Moreover, all states under the Child Care and Development Block Grant program must measure and address access to childcare shortages.

Over the past few months, we’ve been working with stakeholders in Philadelphia and Newark to measure, map, and analyze, the landscape of early childhood education in their respective cities.
In both cities, these data are helping to inform investment strategies designed to increase access to high quality early childhood education. In fact, the William Penn Foundation made two very significant grants to Reinvestment Fund to finance increased access to high quality childcare in Philadelphia in an effort to close the educational achievement gap plaguing our city. (see:

Below are links to the interactive tools and a few takeaways that we’ve learned from working on these projects. Let us know if any of you are working on similar projects in your cities.

Jacob Rosch Here’s a link to the Philadelphia and Newark tools. Take a look and let us know what you think:

Philadelphia Childcare Map:

Newark Childcare Map:

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