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News December 20, 2022

Happy Holidays: Celebrating Our Community

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Our mission at Reinvestment Fund is grounded in the belief that organized people, organized capital and organized data can align in transformative ways. We can only solve problems we understand, and we can do more when we listen and work together.

We all aspire to live in neighborhoods where our families can be healthy, safe, and joyful. When we bring collaborators and investors together, communities have better access to the services and amenities they need to thrive. This year, we unlocked new opportunities to better serve our communities.

This holiday season, we celebrate our work together with a look at a few highlights from the year. Our impact is greater today because of our partnerships—thank you for the good you do!

Power of Partnership

We work nationally, with concentrations in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern regions of the United States. Along with our staff, our many partners and funders make our work possible—fueling opportunity for the communities we serve. Explore some insights from the Atlanta region from the year.

Investing with Purpose

Working together with partners and stakeholders, we are improving cross-sector collaboration through dialogue, bringing flexible capital, and advancing a policy framework for equitable funding for HBCUs and other institutions of higher education.

Wealth Building through
Home Ownership

Our investments in housing development advance communities without displacement; support innovative approaches to expand affordable housing; and conduct affordable housing research that advances the understanding of housing market trends and the systemic factors that affect households, neighborhoods, and cities.

Building Thriving Communities

Programs like Fund for QualityInvest Health, and America’s Healthy Food Financing Initiative support communities where they are—bringing the tools and resources necessary to create thriving community ecosystems and help heal historic inequities.

In 2022, more than 600 individuals, faith-based organizations, financial institutions, governments, and philanthropies supported Reinvestment Fund’s work through our Promissory Note program, program-related and other investments, charitable donations, grants, and contracts. We are grateful for your trust and financial support, which makes our work possible. INVEST with us today.

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