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Understanding 21st Century Gaps in Homeownership Between White and non-White Households in Pennsylvania

Topic Housing

In 2019 Policy Solutions partnered with Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) to conduct a study of historical patterns of homeownership rates for different racial/ethnic groups throughout the 21st century. The study findings highlight the ongoing persistence of gaps in White and non-White homeownership throughout Pennsylvania. Policy Solutions identified important steps PHFA can take to increase minority homeownership in Pennsylvania. Enhancing the availability of mortgage products for credit-worthy minority borrowers; providing housing counseling and budgetary supports for prospective and existing homeowners; and offering assistance to existing minority homeowners facing financial difficulties are all good strategies to increase minority homeownership in Pennsylvania. Moreover, for the Agency to narrow the gap between White and non-White homeownership across the state (particularly for Black and Hispanic households), an affirmative push to get more home purchase originations to non-White borrowers will be required over a sustained period of time.

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