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First Step Staffing Atlanta Headquarters

Geography Georgia

First Step Staffing empowers individuals on the path from homelessness and poverty into self-sufficiency through employment.

Reinvestment Fund has a strong partnership with First Step Staffing (FSS), we’ve supported the nonprofit since 2018 as they built their social enterprise business across the country. FSS is the largest nonprofit staffing agency in the U.S., with operations in seven states.

At Reinvestment Fund, we measure success in terms of community impact and long-term sustainability. In 2023 we supported the move of FSS’s Atlanta headquarters—a long-awaited funding initiative that now allows FSS to have greater impact on a growing vulnerable and hard-to-reach population. The new building puts the nonprofit in a more advantageous position to enhance employee programming and further expand the organization.

Read more about our previous work with FSS in our insight story.

To learn more, contact:

McKenna Gosa
Director, Lending and Investing, Southeast

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