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Rethinking Housing Policy

Topic Housing
Geography Pennsylvania
When Larry Segal was appointed Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Housing and Community Revitalization, he was charged with developing a comprehensive housing strategy for Pennsylvania that coordinates all its resources. It was no easy task, considering the Commonwealth was responsible for $3.9 billion in housing investment annually that until that point was being distributed through 67 discrete programs.

Shortly after Mr. Segal’s appointment, Reinvestment Fund completed an in-depth study of housing investment in Pennsylvania.  The timing could not have been better. Funded by the William Penn Foundation, Choices in Pennsylvania – Developing a Rational Framework for Housing Investment in Pennsylvania has since become a catalyst for change.

“The issues raised in the Choices report established the framework for a long overdue dialogue,” explains Mr. Segal.  “The honest critiques contained in the report have challenged us to assess the status quo and to consider ways to “do housing” better. The empirical data has allowed us to more thoughtfully tailor initiatives and strategies to real needs.”

As a result of the report, Reinvestment played a central role in implementing one of the many recommendations outlined in the report. Contracted by Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, Reinvestment Fund began gathering and analyzing housing information to build a central data warehouse to help guide the Commonwealth’s housing investment decisions.

Choices offered a wonderful basis for discussion, bringing together housing funders from both the federal and state level to coordinate our efforts and establish shared goals. It’s an outstanding example of the kind of partnership private initiative and public effort can forge to make a difference.”


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